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26 May

We’ve all heard about kleptomaniacs, those who can’t help but steal (riiiight), and then there’s those promiscuous teens who like to shop lift just for fun. But what about those who habitually return things? I introduce to you the concept of, returnaholics.

Sure some stores are a bit too lenient when it comes to returns, *cough*  Nordstrom, where you could literally return a worn-to-shreds sweater from three seasons ago with no tags and only a receipt and they would probably give you a full refund. Apologies for the graphic picture painted, just be glad I didn’t use Victoria’s Secret…whom might I add, should in all cleanliness be a little stricter on their return policy as well.

Ok, off my soap box… on a more serious note, these “returnaholics” are costing retailers over a billion dollars, yes BILLIONS, a year in loses! Apparently this trend is more financially motivated than psychologically predispositioned which does make sense in this economy. Why invest in something you could just buy, use, and then return? Well retailers are on to us, they’ve finally had enough according to the Wallet Pop (my trusted source!). Read the full article here.

Confession: I will shamefully (head down) confess that I too have bought something (packed it and brought it to Cabo, wore it to dinner, decided I really didn’t like it that much at all!) and returned the day I got back! Big no-no-no, but shhhh don’t tell.

What have you returned??

xx CpFashionista

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Get the Boot

23 Feb

The combat boot is currently (and will continue to be) one of the hottest Spring footwear trends right on into Fall/Winter 2010. For spring we are seeing feminine pieces with a rocker edgy tone, think flowy florals with a denim shirt or jacket, and lace up boots. I also love the look of cut-off denim shorts with tights and grungy combat boots, a little unlaced and loosely tied around the ankle.

Of course when I began my quest for a new old looking pair of military-esque boots the first thing that came to mind was my favorite pair of black Dr. Martens I had when I was 7. I even remember wanting to wear my boots with party dresses and my mother saying, “absolutely not!” Little did she know 15 years later it would be the hottest trend.

There are so many styles, patterns, and even colors to choose from I might just have to stock a couple pairs. Steve Madden has some pretty worn in looking pairs and of course Dr. Martens never disappoint with their pretty prints and brightly colored standard style boots. I feel like the military boot could even be Free People’s signature boot, what with their continual vintage, homeless look they perfect so well every season. They’re boot selection is awesome, it might even constitute its own post, be sure to check them out.

Miley Cyrus does a pretty decent job of depicting the many ways it is appropriate to sport combat boots.

Steve Madden ‘Corley’, $110

Jeffrey Campbell combat, $285

Wanted Prague, $70

Forever 21 studded, $33

Bess rollover vintage, $460

Dr. Martens, $150

Dr. Martens floral, $120

Stacey and Steve, $195

Urban Outfitters fringe, $78

Trendy, hardcore, and pretty cute to boot!

xoxo CPfashionista

Summer Lovin’

15 Jul


It’s officially summer…hooray! Here’s to 100+ degree days and eating ice cream at midnight (normal, right?).  In light of all things sunshine and summertime I thought I would pay tribute to some of my favorite things about this contagiously happy season, in no particularly ranked order of course:

1.  Sunset run/walk/hikes…my favorite spot is the paths at Vanowen and Sunset Ridge, Santa Monica Mountains area-ish. You can run (well its more of a rocking climbing hike) up to the bat caves and sit on top and look out over the ennntire valley…wow! My extremely dusty dirty Pumas, now deemed official hiking shoes, might argue otherwise….but  it really was a perfect end to a rather promising Monday. 

top of the world

2. A viable excuse to eat Pink Berry/ Yogurtland/ (insert your favorite fro-yo here) at pretty much any hour of the day…i.e. 10:45 pm decisions to venture out are acceptable and even encouraged.

pink berry parfait3. Waking up at 6 am to an already blazing sun….going to bed in the same sort of wonderfully sweaty-hot conditions. What’s that you say? Turn on the AC? I don’t think so! There’s just something about being warm 24 hours a day that makes me happy.

4. Sundresses. And more sundresses! Nothing is more successful at making me feel comfy and cool than a flirty light-weight sundress on a hot Sunday afternoon…and Nordstrom’s has some pretty sweet deals going on too.

free people $108

free people $138

Sweet Lorrani Halter, Free People   $108.00

Dreamers Sateen Dress, Free People $138.00

5. Bonfires and beach camping. With the accompaniment of a couple guitars and lots of s’more making!


6. Barbeque anything.

7. Steve Madden flip flops. Well any flip flops  really, but judging from my slightly indulgent  sandal collection I would say I have a thing for Mr. Madden.

Perfect with cut-offs and pretty much any tee!

Perfect with cut-offs and pretty much any tee!

“Boogle” Gladiator, Steve Madden $59.95

8. Tan lines. And just being tan!

9. Farmers markets and alllll the fresh fruit.


essie hot pink10. The necessity for neon pink mani/pedis. Idea: next time you reeeeeaaaallly don’t feel like being at work, go for a quick pedicure on your lunch break! Relaxing and rejuvenating and the best part is…no one has to know. I am currently sporting Essie’s Punchy Pink…

11. Spontaneous road trips. Nothing says summer like deciding last minute that this would be a good weekend to pack a bikini and some sunnies and head to San Diego.

I couldn’t stop at 10, just had to throw one more in for good measure.  What’s on your summer lovin’ list??

XoXo cpFashionista

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