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It’s All In The Name

18 Nov

I am not entirely sure if it is because we share the same first name or simply because her designs are delightfully feminine and equally edgy, but either way I have long been a fan of the Lauren Merkin label. So, when I spotted one of her clutches at a Goodwill Thrift Store while Halloween costume searching last month I just about died. All of $5.99 bought me this little purple print and gold sparkly number which I fully plan on accessorizing many holiday outfits with these coming months.

While the exact same one is no longer available, my new little friend is very similar to the Tatum clutch except purple and gold python instead of the black seen above.

Also, I would like to confess that since that Halloween trip to Good Will I have a renewed appreciation for thrifting and I’m pretty sure  my new fav go-to shopping spot might just be anything second-hand. It’s way more fun! 

xx CpFashionista

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