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Feathers and Fur

9 Nov

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To be perfectly honest I have always had a certain affinity for textural accessories. There is something very appealing and yet slightly off about adding natural elements to an otherwise manmade ensemble. Be it mis-matched feather earrings or a fur-lined clutch, I adore the boho hippie vibe anything animal tends to exude.

Before I go sounding too Call of the Wild I will confess that while I’m not an avid PETA supporter I do feel it necessary to done faux fur rather than what was once a living animal. But that’s just me.

Planet Blue consistently captures this coveted look to a t(ee). Literally, their styling of Wild Fox tees and eclectic jewelry is perfectly complex and equal part random. Not to mention I could live in this look every single day: cut-off denim shorts with tights, over sized tees, layer upon layer of accessories, feathers, fur…need I say more?!

Are you a feathers or fur kind of girl?

xx CPfashionista


Fur Sure

21 Oct

It’s a little known fact that (faux) fur is the go to necessity for staying warm this fall (winter). Whether covering a coat or lining your boots fur is not only comfy cozy but super chic too. I am personally loving pretty much everything from Sam Edelman’s fall collection, specifically his take on the hiking boot. I love the way it laces up the front, while furry goodness practically spills from the inside.  

Furry cuffed boots perfectly compliment chunky knit tights or brightly colored leggings and add a touch of class to whatever outfit you may be wearing.

  1. Guess- bountiful ankle boot, $140
  2. ASOS- faux fur lace up boot, $93
  3. Sam Edelman- Mateo boot, $155
  4. Rue21- fur trim boot, $35
  5. ASOS- Dune wedge boot, $152
  6. UGG- Bailey button boot, $150
  7. ASOS- Mango Cleo concealed wedge, $135
  8. Sam Edelman- Orlando boot, $200

What is your favorite way to wear fur?

xx CPfashionista

Pretty Kitty

25 Aug

Furry fashion is not only fun but also fabulous for fall, just be sure to go faux. I have long been a lover of all things leopard. So when this season’s trend reports started rolling in forecasting lots of fur and even more animal print all I had to do was dig through my closet for some long-lost (but not forgotten) leopard print pieces.

My previous notion that leopard is best when used as an unexpected outfit accent has since changed and perhaps I am growing a little more fond of the all-over leopard print coat, pant, and even dress.

And I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure, I will still love the peep toe and stocking (i.e. tights) look, as long as only one component is print.

What’s your favorite way to rock animal print?

xx Cpfashionista

Some Layers Are Better Than Others

19 Aug

Day 2, Fall Trends: Shearling Jackets

I love the way ruffle blouses are peeking out from under tailored military coats and layered hoodies hide under heavy shearling coats. Chunky knit stockings layer over ribbed tights and leggings would not be complete without a thick pair of knee-high socks.

It’s official, fashion is fun again. It’s vintage with modern. Tuxedo pieces with laid back casual. It’s $40 Abercrombie shorts with a $1,000 pair of Louboutins (thank you Victoria Beckham) or a Marc Jacobs bag with a Forever 21 skirt (thank you Emily!). Anything goes, so layer it on, stack it up, dream it, wear it, repeat.

I do not necessarily condone owning a $3,000 jacket (we’re in a recession!) but I have fallen hard for this Burberry aviator and if I somehow obtained $3,000 today I would buy this in a heartbeat. The leather looks buttery soft and I just love how vintage fighter pilot the bomber style feels. Aside from stalking (Confession: I did) the next best option I could muster would be similarly wearable…but less lust worthy, faux leather variation.

Have any lust ideas with a must price tag?


Falling for Fall

16 Aug

Either I am following fashion a little too closely or there are simply way more trends going on than usual. I set out to pinpoint the key Fall finds to try but my list quickly became somewhat of an essay and it just seemed like perhaps each trend deserved its own attention.

So in no particular order I give to you the chunkiest knits, the raciest lace, the most vicious animal prints, camel coats galore, velvet and velour, everything fur, something girly, something boyfriend, and everything in between.

Today I like bows, so bow shoes it is.

There is something unexpected and delightfully feminine about shoes with bows on them. A nice transition from the heavy clogs and thigh high leather we have seen in Fall’s past, the bow adds an element of dainty elegance to this seasons seemingly androgynous direction.

  1. Forever 21- leopard print flats, $18
  2. Vivienne Westwood- bow lace flats, $110
  3. Forever 21- grommet studded flats, $20
  4. Giuseppe Zanotti- crystal bow suede pumps, $995
  5. Miu Miu- peep toe pumps, $650
  6. Marni- suede platforms, $405
  7. ModCloth- presto heel, $134
  8. Betsey Johnson- satin bow stiletto, $195
  9. BareFeetShoes- platform heel, $110
  10. Forever 21- bow boots, $21
  11. Matthew Williamson- satin boots, $378
  12. Marni- bow toe boots, $940

xx CPfashionista

Ruffle My Feathers

11 Aug

The Fall 2010 runway practically screams “TOUCH ME!”  This coming season seems to be all about texture. From silk and knit ruffles, to feathers, faux furs, velvet, velour, shearling, sequins,  lace, and anything just plain fuzzy these trends feel (literally) cozier (and a little crazier) than ever.

Having grown up somewhat of a marked “girly girl” I have always had a certain affinity for ruffles and all things sparkly. With that being said, you can imagine my excitement when sequin leggings and ruffled sweaters started popping up here and there across websites and printed pages alike. If there is one thing magazines and fashion blogs have agreed on, it’s that texture takes the cake for this season’s must have trends. You won’t hear me complaining.

Styled images via

I particularly like the way ruffle blouses are peeping out of cardigan sweaters in earthy jewel tones and contrasting textures. This season makes me swoon.

  1. Forever 21- ruffle satin top, $18
  2. Madewell- ruffled vest, $62
  3. Oscar de la Renta- silk organza blouse, $690
  4. Valentino- silk ruffle sleeve sweater, $546
  5. Valention- silk knit sweater, $483
  6. By Malene Birger- ruffle sweater, $168

xx CpFashionista

Brights and Whites

11 May

Image courtesy of Banana Republic

It would appear I have some sort of affinity for bright (floral) tops with white denim bottoms. According to my inspiration wall which I realized is comprised almost entirely of magazine pages boasting colorful tops, white shorts and pants, and a thin brow belt…apparently this is my only  favorite inspiration for spring to summer ensembles.

Everthing from Express and Banana Republic ads to Glamour and Elle photoshoots, I find myself being drawn to this repetitively captivating look. It is bright and fresh without being too fussy. The clean white bottoms in tailored silouettes as well as cut-off variations when paired with a narrow brown belt subtly shouts “sophistication.”

Outfit crisis averted for the next couple of weeks.

Image courtesy of Express

xx CpFashionista

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