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Simple Pleasures

18 Nov

I find that as I get older I tend to appreciate the little things in life so much more. The slightest delights that use to go unnoticed and were perhaps even taken for granted are now the simple pleasures that add joy and wonder to each and every day.

For instance, those warm chocolate chip cookies reception gives you as you check into the DoubleTree Hotel never fail to appease me. I always wonder “How do they keep them so warm and freshly baked?” Do they have a little oven behind the desk? It’s a little taste of home away from home, and I as I sat in the lobby this morning eating my DoubleTree cookie the day suddenly felt a lot more welcoming.

Among some of the smaller yet equally satisfying things in life, the festive cups Starbucks coffee comes in this time of year. The little red and white winter scene complete with some inspiring words of holiday cheer, always makes me smile.

Nothing quite rivals a sweetly scented bubble bath! As a child you love this time of night, you get to climb into a mini hot tub and play with toys while someone else gently washes your hair. At the age of approximately 9 and a half you suddenly become “too old” to bathe and you much prefer a shower, after all you can do it yourself! Then somewhere in your twenties you realize the luxury of actually having time to take a bath and any vacant evening will welcome the chance to slide into an alter world of bubbles and relaxation for as long as your cell phone will let you.

More smile worthy happenings:

Finding a new pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

Hearing your favorite song  on the radio.

Coming home from work to homemade soup and a candle lit room.

Days when everything seems to just go your way.

Thank you day for being so wonderful!

What is happiness to you…?

XoXo cpFashionista


Blah Blah Blah

27 Oct

poutingEver have one of those days where everything just seems so…blah? Not necessarily sad, mad, or even upset in any way, just simply blah.

The weather is still confused, summer is fighting with fall for temperature control therefore leaving the season somewhat unclear. Resulting in my dress-with-boots ensemble that has taken over for the past, oh i don’t know, TWO weeks. My usual enthusiasm for cloudy days has disappeared for today.

It’s these kind of days where doing anything  seems like a daunting task, and getting anything accomplished is somewhere near the bottom of your list under”I Don’t care.” So for today I would like to just be allowed a moment of unaltered complacent pouting.

Blah blah blah all the way home…

Xx CPfashionista

Gifted Presence

10 Aug


I’ve never been the kind of person who gets particularly starstruck by the likes of Hollywood proclaimed royalty. Living in LA and having traveled and partaken in my fair share of star studded venues it is safe to say I have grown accustom to such, otherwise buzz worthy, sightings.

If you think about it for a second, consider the instance, and really evaluate the situation you will come to realize that these celebrities we push and scream our way through a crowd to see…are just people. They may be in the public spotlight, but when the cameras are off and the party is over, they climb into bed in mismatched pajamas with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s just like the rest of us. They are just people, I assure you!



DSC_0145DSC_0153On Friday I had the delight of partaking in the Teen Choice Awards preparty/gifting-suite where we gifted celebrity after celebrity with gift bags brimming with Celebrity Pink denim! Fun, but exhausting. Like I said…not usually left speechless by the famous. It could have been the heat of the day or my lack of hydration but whatever the case may be Candace Cameron walks up to our booth and I somehow stutter an introduction. I was officially starstruck, in awe…guilty as charged.

Perhaps it was the countless afternoons of my childhood I spent lost in DJ Tanner’s Full House, I don’t know?! I do know she made my day and I was more than excited to gift her with a super cute pair of hot pink size 1 cut-off shorts. That is my confession and self-exposed embarrassing moment for the week…enjoy.


Who would you die to see??! 

XoXo cpFashionista

What It’s All About

9 Jul


Yeah its kind of like that...

Yeah its kind of like that...

Throughout my daily ventures through cyber land…it is very likely that I will end up quite side tracked and sometimes even forgetful of what I was originally in search of in the first place (i.e. I start out looking for tradeshow printing and some how end up debating which Betsey Johnson espadrilles I would wear more) . Something very reminiscent of the new commercials….trade show me how to make a cake for any occasion dress your daughter thoughts on living with new shoes……what??!

Due to this increasingly distracting environment where one link takes you to another link to another link and suddenly I’m at a site I love….but I have no idea how I got there, I have discovered myself more and more intrigued by the About section. Previously somewhat meaningless to me I have a new found appreciation for descriptions and bios, tell me what you’re all about and maybe I’ll stay a while.

The same is true with each and every blog site.  Now I know I may not be the most consistent or focused person (I fully attribute this to my self diagnosed advanced stage ADD) but I try to stay somewhat in the realm of confessing my thoughts to my loyal readers. Some ramblings however, seem to lack direction and while that’s solely at the discretion of the author, they can be difficult to follow. Which is precisely why I bee-line for the About section in a eager attempt to grasp the big idea, because after all…isn’t that supposed to be what it’s all about. 


 XoXo cpFashionista


24 Jun

screaming lil girlSome times I only wish I was four again so that on particularly bad days during particularly infuriating moments I could scrrrrreeeeeeaaaamm at the top of my lungs, thrash around a bit, fists hitting the ground until I am so drained of emotion that there is not a movement left in my body. That is how I feel on this very day! However, I am not four anymore…no where even near the age when temper tantrums are appropriate. And so I am forced to find an alternative outlet for alieviating my raging thoughts.

While I sit in my office…door defiantly closed to the world…my options some what limited as to how to calm my nerves, I decide to catch up on my favorite blog followings and promptly fall into la-la land. Day-dreamingly reading from one persons life to another, I am completely captivated by the happenings of others and consider for a brief moment falling asleep on my desk…shhh.  

Here are my favorite entertainers…thanks, you guys rock:,,, …just to name a few!

Got any beat the blues ideas…??

XoXo cpFashionista

Blue Jean Friday

12 Jun

I will let you in on a little secret, one of the simpler pleasures that never fails to excite me has to be receiving MAIL. Trivial, I know. But who doesn’t like finding their name on a piece of unexpected correspondence?! The anticipation of opeing the mailbox to discover what’s inside is a moment I just can’t get enough of.

Imagine my utter excitement when I came home after a long few days away to find not only a heap of miscellaneous letters and bills but tucked underneath it all…a package! What could it be? Upon tearing open the unmarked FedEx box from some warehouse in LA I found a neatly folded pair of thesePaige Denim Skinnies!! Aside from Paige being my absolute favorite denim brand, I have been futilely searching for a solid dark wash skinny jean to wear out at night with a fabulous pair of sky-high stilettos. Well look no further. FREE jeans in the MAIL…heavenly day!

Paige Skyline Drive,  $179.99

Paige Skyline Drive, $179.99

Upon wiggling into the most perfectly fitting suuuper skinnies I have ever attempted I promptly realized these would now become my favorite day-to-night denim, as well as my all around favorite jeans. Needless to say I have proceeded to wear  my Skyline Drive peg legs for three straight days in a row….starting to get strange looks at work…could either be because it appears I have been sleeping in my car, or because I work for a denim company where there is obviously no shortage of JEANS!! Maybe I will give them a day off…but then again maybe not.

Wear your favorite jeans and feel happy all weekend!

XoXo cpFashionista

Have Your Shirt and Eat…too

22 May

tommy bahama 002We have all heard and/or, at some point, used the gluttonous expression…”Have your cake and eat it too!” Which we also know is impossible to do without some twist of creativity.  However, I recently stumbled upon the most uniquely genius concept I have been impressed by in a long time which seeks to, as the saying implies, have it all. Yesterday I had the pleasure of day tripping to the fabulous city of Las Vegas for a “business meeting,” which conveniently ended earlier than expected leaving me ample time to hit up the somewhat new Town Center mall JUST off the strip behind Mandalay Bay.

tommy bahama 009

In any event, I came across the most fabulous focal point of this particular mall situated in the middle of the Center amongst shady trees and gurgling fountains, a Tommy Bahama store AND restaurant! Whaaaaaat? You can eat AND shop, you can shop then eat, you can eat then shop, you could even shop while you wait to eat! This oasis like retail haven combined with the alluring tropically themed cafe made me more excited than most people would find normal. I applaud the revolutionary idea of combining two of societies favorite past times under one roof. Expertly decorated with extreme attention to every last detail, I actually felt like I was on a tropical island somewhere far far away from the desert.

Paradise achieved!

XoXo cpFashionista

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