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The Silver Lining

31 Mar

Perhaps we were getting a little too optimitsic about the arrival (finally!) of repetitive sunny days in LA. Either way Momma Nature decided to tease us with a “Just kidding! Now its going to rain again” rest of the week and it seems people have been left less than excited.

I happen to love the rain. Especially because I was not quite ready to say good-bye to my boots and long sleeves just yet. Don’t get me wrong I am eager to break out my breezy sundresses and fun colored flats but for the next three days I am anxious to get one last hurrah from my favorite rain boots and waterproof apparel.

I also happen to love umbrellas, something about their cute little arc shape and the clever way they *pop* open when you click that little button. I was reminded of the growing collection of umbrellas (Weird, I know. Don’t ask) on my lust/want/need list, when I happened upon this lovely little blog post this morning.

Enjoy the rain!

xx CpFashionista


Green With Envy

17 Mar

Cliche in wording I realize but today is the officially celebrated green holiday and since olive is one of the hottest colors (for fall) it is also a fitting declaration.

I do not much care for this holiday, it seems to be an excuse for people to be obnoxious for no reason. So I am in no way regretting that I didn’t swoop up these St. Patty’s themed finds including this adorable Juicy clover make-up bag, or this 18 carat gold necklace from Jennifer Meyer. I am however slightly envious that I am not outside on this beautiful 80 degree day enjoying the fresh air and lounging in the grass.

At least tonight will entail green frosted cupcakes and something Irish.

Best of luck to you!

XoXo cpFashionista

We’re All Mad Here!

4 Feb

Quite possibly my all time favorite quote from Alice In Wonderland, which is bold to say because there are many profound quotes from this Disney classic.

While Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice In Wonderland doesn’t hit theaters for another month, uuggh, this highly anticipated movie is already being used to market the heck out of every angle the industry can manage. And there are a lot of angles. From what I can tell you can pretty much put Alice and some combination of mushrooms, teapots, and widely confusing quotes on just about any product and it will sell.

Some of favorites so far include the character items several lust worthy brands have put forth, including Urban Decay cosmetics and OPI nail polish.

OPI Nail Polish minis in Absolutely Alice, Off With Her Red, Thanks So Muchness, and Mad As A Hatter, $10

Mad Hatter wallet, $18

Charm necklace, $35

Urban Decay book of shadows, $54

You’d be mad not to at least check these out…

xx CpFashionista

Be Careful What You Wish For

10 Jul

karmaI was raised to treat others as I would want to be treated and in this way I feel I get along pretty well with the “what goes around-comes around” mentality. I’m also a pretty accommodating person and I would never intentionally be cruel or unfair to someone for no legitimate reason. Enough said. So when I am treated with less than decent respect (or what I would consider rudely immature!) I can’t help but think to myself…this will come back and bite you.

So as I sat reminding myself NOT to mess with karma, my thoughts instantly drifted to one of absolute faaavorite karma/ faith/ fate/ etc. inspired jewelry lines and I couldn’t help but take a much needed woosaa (code for deep breath!) trip to . Upon arrival I am greeted by sterling and gold dipped circles of karma necklaces and other such connotative items.

karma wrap

My first instinct is to buy one and leave it for (not to mention any names!), the one who needs it the most. As I picture the irony and silent message, bestowing such a gift would bring I can’t help but smile to myself, and thank my mother for instilling such a reap-what-you-sow demeanor.


Let’s be honest, have you ever watched somewhat get exactly what they deserved and not enjoyed every minute of it??! Didn’t think so…

Go and be happy! XoXo cpFashionista

Dress for Success

15 Jun

Although the phrase “dress for success” most often refers to ones current ensemble in which such an outfit exudes confidence and a sense of accomplishment, this aphorism can translate to ones environment as well. For that matter your surroundings play as much a role in dictating productivity as the outfit you put on to do whatever you are attempting to do. Which is why it was decided that a well decorated balcony would be far more constructive for facilitating productive thoughts and inspiration than the currently over-packed, cluttered one we now lived with.

JL weekends 062

So, while playing architect/decorator this weekend, in what can only be described as a thoroughly exhausting yet entertaining venture, I realized that decorating and/or redecorating is much like picking out an outfit and accessorizing.  The same attention to detail and order of selection is necessary to truly capture the look you are trying to accomplish.  In fact I would say we spent more time analyzing candle arrangements and furniture composition than I ever have taken to pick out a necklace and shoes!

After hours of shopping for the perfect patio accent pieces in more home good stores than I ever imagined existed we had finally created a peaceful haven to call our own. Complete with wrought-iron cafe table and chairs, an assortment of moderately sized candles, a very lovely potted ficus, and Zen rock center piece arrangement, this balcony screamed (or rather soothingly whispered) r.e.l.a.x.a.t.i.o.n.

A little inspiration goes a long way…

What did you do with your weekend??

XoXo cpFashionista

In the Words of Paris Hilton…

26 Feb

“Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

I must say I actually quite agree ! I never thought I would say this, but Paris Hilton hit it on the mark …as quoted in the Feb. 9th issue of Life & Style. Which sort of makes you second guess your usual Saturday morning run-through-the-supermarket look doesn’t it? I mean the 3 year old Victoria’s Secret sweatpants with a mismatched tee from your boyfriend’s floor is a good look if you’re…well, actually that is never really a good look for anyone.

So whether you’re meeting a friend for Sunday brunch or making a late night candy run through Seven Eleven, throw on that hot little sun dress you “save” for special occasions. Today is a special occasion…it’s the only today you’re gonna get. Stop saving your favorites for someday and wear them any day…everyday…the point is just wear them!

With that said, I might just rock the fabulously pink wrap dress I’ve  kept hiding in my closet…to my mani pedi tonight!!

What will you wear??

XoXo cpFashionista

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