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Brand New

3 Jan
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There is something about January first that feels brand new every single year no matter what. While life continues to go on, it still feels something akin to starting over. This clean blank slate full of promise, potential, and lots and lots of hope for good things to come.

Welcome 2011! We’re so glad you’re here!

Happy New Year friends!

xx CPfashionista


Sweet Things

6 Dec

While the holidays are a fashionista’s haven of party outfits to plan and lots of pretty presents to give, this time of year also brings about yummy sweets a plenty. In between braving treks to the mall and endlessly searching for that perfect gift we somehow find time to make things. I’m not talking a batch or two of sugar cookies but rather hundreds and hundreds of sugary decorated morsels.

Funny little cookie cutters…perfect stocking stuffer!

A whirlwind of flour and frosting takes over the kitchen for the better part of 24 hours as we bake our way into sweet happiness. Here are some of my favorite cookie recipes I want to share with you…

Pastelitos de Boda

Oatmeal Raspberry-Jam Bars

Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwiches

Gingerbread men (and women)

Sugar Cookies

Happy baking!

xx CPfashionista

It’s All In The Name

18 Nov

I am not entirely sure if it is because we share the same first name or simply because her designs are delightfully feminine and equally edgy, but either way I have long been a fan of the Lauren Merkin label. So, when I spotted one of her clutches at a Goodwill Thrift Store while Halloween costume searching last month I just about died. All of $5.99 bought me this little purple print and gold sparkly number which I fully plan on accessorizing many holiday outfits with these coming months.

While the exact same one is no longer available, my new little friend is very similar to the Tatum clutch except purple and gold python instead of the black seen above.

Also, I would like to confess that since that Halloween trip to Good Will I have a renewed appreciation for thrifting and I’m pretty sure  my new fav go-to shopping spot might just be anything second-hand. It’s way more fun! 

xx CpFashionista

Father Knows Best

18 Jun

This weekend is Father’s Day, the day we celebrate the men who raised us and taught us everything they know. My dad flies in tonight to visit us for the weekend and I could not be more excited.

While I have already baked the most delicious looking root beer float cupcakes which are waiting for his arrival alongside a fresh cherry pie, I came across another tempting treat today.

If you are lucky enough to live in NYC you should swing by Butch Bakery to pick up yummy cupcakes that are manly enough for dad.

Give dad a piece of his favorite ball park,

or a go-anywhere grill the size of his laptop.

Hug him.

Love him.

Show him how much you care.

Oh, and have a great weekend!

xx CpFashionista

21 May

 The moment I entered my world was changed. I immediately needed nearly every thing they were so graciously supplying.  I love the unorthodox, slightly thrift store vibe this site exudes.The unexpected tattoos, the randomly fitted outfits, I just love it.

I also find the name very fitting. Along the lines of the supply and demand theory of economics, I need something…they’ll supply it. Hence needsupply. Simple, not overly thought out, and yet oh so underlyingly perfect. Now why didn’t I think of that?!

5 things I absolutely need right now:

  1. Jeffrey Campbell- wedge platform, $165
  2. Mini For Many- urna party dot dress, $88
  3. Brandy and Melville- slouch top, $44
  4. Mini For Many- striped ankle-tie wedge, $135
  5. Mini For Many- strapless twirl dress, $94

Today I will confess:  While I like the way tattoos look I am far too scared to ever get one. I look at body art as a means of self-expression, so when artfully conceived and auspiciously placed I think they can add real character to a person. The line between tacky and tasteful, is however, a thin one.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx CPfashionista

Cold Day, Warm Your Heart

27 Apr

I’m not sure if it’s the seriousness with which this adorable little boy delivers his rendition of Soul Sister, or the innocent melody of the ukulele he plays. Either way, this warmed my heart and I hope it makes you smile too!

Happy Tuesday.

xx CpFashionista

From New York to LA

1 Apr

I had begun this post a while back and, like I commonly do, got distracted and eventually abandoned the idea. However, over the past couple of days I have stumbled across numerous postings, articles, pictures, and mentions of Bottega Louie in LA and so I ventured back in my drafts folder to dust it off and give it the respect it requires.

As I walked into ( quite a while ago now) Bottega Louie restaurant in downtown Los Angeles it occurred to me that I no longer felt like I was in LA let alone California, no instead I felt  as though I stepped off the freezing cold streets of New York into one of their trademark posh eateries. The first thing I noticed was the wide open feeling despite the place being packed, from the bar to the bakery to the restaurant it was nearly standing room only.  Despite the drafty cathedral ceilings, it felt cozy and inviting inside and I couldn’t help but marvel at the close proximity by which people were nonchalantly stuffed side by side seemingly without notice. Who knew such a restaurant existed any place other than the east coast?

Nestled in the heart of downtown LA, this little gem of an eaterie is rare both for its upscale demeanor and expansive floor plan. The menu at first glance seemed rather intimidating while the food was simply acceptable. The bakery is what really sold me, what with the mini macarons and the brightly colored gelato displayed tauntingly behind a pristine glass case.

If you ever find yourself in downtown LA (God help you) make it worth your while and check this place out.

XX CpFashionista

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