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Scary Stuff

13 Aug

I am by no means superstitious. I will walk under a ladder and open an umbrella in the house on the same day. It makes no difference to me. Therefore Friday the 13th has little effect on me other than perhaps I may rent a scary movie to watch with the lights out, that’s my contribution to todays neurosis.

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However, I did come across a slightly shocking if not outright scary fashion faux pas. Let me start by saying I am a long time fan of Dooney and Bourke, in fact my first big girl designer purse was a Dooney.  And I am a hands down supporter of Disneyland, Disney movies, Disney stores, and every other happiest thing on earth.

For some reason, this wonderful purse company deemed it necessary to create an entire set of collections (not just one, but four) in collaboration with Disney, this is a fail. I love Disney Land and I love D & B, but together they spell fashion DO-NOT. Ok, maybe I would get one for my little sister…I said maybe.

What’s your opinion? Is this a hit or (major) miss?

  1. Dooney & Bourke- Disney sketch tote, $195
  2. Dooney & Bourke- Mickey Mouse barrel bag, $185
  3. Dooney & Bourke- Faces pouchette, $60
  4. Dooney & bourke- Minnie Mouse satchel bag, $175
  5. Dooney & Bourke- Princess satchel, $220
  6. Dooney & Bourke- Princess bucket bag, $165
  7. Dooney & Bourke- Tonal Mickey Mouse Champsac, $220
  8. Dooney & Bourke- Tonal Mickey Mouse letter carrier, $95
  9. Dooney & Bourke- Disney sketch wristlet, $49

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx CpFashionista


Be Sure To Blink

19 Jul

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While not too long ago it seemed that Wet Seal Inc. was destined for bankruptcy, they are now not only doing progressively better but even opening an entirely new line of concept stores.

The idea is denim, an entire store (or shop-in-shop at some of their newest locations) dedicated to all things denim called Blink by Wet Seal. Wet Seal CEO, Ed Thomas, states that denim is one of the strongest parts of their business according to WWD.

These stores are temporarily leased as short-term stores but pending performance could remain a permanent venture of the Wet Seal family. For now, the leases are based on either 6 or 12 month agreements.

Don’t blink, or you may miss them.

xx CPfashionista

Material World

14 Jul

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It is true, we live in an all too materialistic world. And despite every attempt at resisting desiring such (meaningless) worldly possessions I confess when I first caught a glimpse of the new Material Girl line, I kind of wanted all of it. Not just one or two pieces, not half of it…but all of it.

I’m not even a Madonna fan but after several convincing People StyleWatch articles and half a dozen enticing tweets later, I’m sold. It looks awesome. Even more appealing is that fact that it is retailing at Macy’s of all places and for very affordable, if not out right cheap, prices.

If you are at all still wondering what I am talking about, I am referring to Madonna’s collaboration with her daughter Lourdes to create a fashion line set to debut August 3, 2010 (That’s less than a month away! Not that I’m counting!) exclusively available at Macy’s. Taylor Momsen is acting spokes model which is pretty much the icing on the cake.

Check out Taylor here.

Catch a sneak peek at Macy’s.

xx CPfashionista


26 May

We’ve all heard about kleptomaniacs, those who can’t help but steal (riiiight), and then there’s those promiscuous teens who like to shop lift just for fun. But what about those who habitually return things? I introduce to you the concept of, returnaholics.

Sure some stores are a bit too lenient when it comes to returns, *cough*  Nordstrom, where you could literally return a worn-to-shreds sweater from three seasons ago with no tags and only a receipt and they would probably give you a full refund. Apologies for the graphic picture painted, just be glad I didn’t use Victoria’s Secret…whom might I add, should in all cleanliness be a little stricter on their return policy as well.

Ok, off my soap box… on a more serious note, these “returnaholics” are costing retailers over a billion dollars, yes BILLIONS, a year in loses! Apparently this trend is more financially motivated than psychologically predispositioned which does make sense in this economy. Why invest in something you could just buy, use, and then return? Well retailers are on to us, they’ve finally had enough according to the Wallet Pop (my trusted source!). Read the full article here.

Confession: I will shamefully (head down) confess that I too have bought something (packed it and brought it to Cabo, wore it to dinner, decided I really didn’t like it that much at all!) and returned the day I got back! Big no-no-no, but shhhh don’t tell.

What have you returned??

xx CpFashionista

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Gray Day

22 Apr

This day is gray in more than one way. No, that’s not a line from a Dr. Seuss book, it just happens to rhyme in such a ridiculous manner. In any event, today is gray. The sky is in fact cloudy and threatening rain, but more importantly I finally found the most perfect shade of gray nail polish. Essie’s Playa Del  Platinum polish from their 2010 Resort Collection.

I have been searching for over a month now and as it turns out my persistence paid off. Not that I am particularly picky when it comes to shades of gray, however the one I have been searching for needed to me more elephant than mouse and matte to the point of being dull. No glitter or weird metallic, just gray. Thank you Essie for making such a color.

While it appears my favorite little independently owned polish brand has finally been snapped up by a bigger corporation, I will continue to support Essie in their endeavour to capture the rainbow one creatively named color at a time.  According to WWD, L’Oreal acquired Essie Cosmetics for an undisclosed sum, i.e. A LOT of money. But with their plans for salon penetration and international expansion I would say they are painting in the right direction.

xx CPfashionista

Apparel News Thinks So

21 Apr

According to Apparel News (and pretty much everyone in attendance of last week’s LA Majors Market) things are looking up for the fashion industry.

Oh thank goodness! I was beginning to think thrifting was the new Neiman’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good day of rummaging through vintage stores in search of the perfect find, but once in a while it’s nice to have someone else find your size and then carry that heavy box of shoes to the register for you.

So while buyers were more confident in their spending on increased inventory, companies, such as Celebrity Pink Jeans,  were just happy to be writing more substantial and long-term orders. You can check out highlights of Market and a snap shot of CPink as well at Apparel News: Improved Mood at L.A. Majors Market. Check out Celebrity Pink president, Doron Kadosh as he seriously considers something important (picture 3 of article).

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xo CPfashionista

Pretty Pretty Princess

22 Mar

I have never particularly considered myself a girly girl. This is not to say I don’t appreciate a good manicure, or that I don’t love all things ruffled, tulle, and sparkly…because I do. It is just that I am not particularly high maintenance and I much prefer wearing leggings and a tee on the weekend than an actual outfit. Perhaps I am more comfort than glam oriented but I have not always been this way.

My favorite game from the age of  4 1/2 until we had lost all the pieces was Pretty Pretty Princess. A board game in which you got to spin the wheel and then select colored (plastic) jewelry in an attempt to collect the entire matching set before any other girl.  Think coordinating rhinestone bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and tiaras in Barbie pink and pale purple…needless to say we were thoroughly entertained. This was followed by hours of dress-up from a Titanic size steamer trunk of mom’s abandoned high heels and party dresses, lacy gloves and the always sought after bride’s veil. 

Fast forward 10 years to high school and the infamous prom. Days of preparation for a three-hour event, looking back I finally understand my mom’s anguish. Weeks of shopping for a dress code appropriate gown and the perfect accessories, then two hours worth of hair spray and bobby pins later and an hour at the MAC counter, pending any teenage meltdowns or last-minute drama it was time for the coveted posed pictures. Despite all this seeming torture, I would not trade those memories for the world.

Which is perhaps why when I came across the Princess Project  I nearly teared up. An organization that quite literally makes the prom experience possible for girls who otherwise would not attend. With the help of a personal shopper each girl has the opportunity to pick out a dress and accessories to make their own fairy tale night come true. I can’t think of a more rewarding way to give back to the community than by creating a life long memory.

What is your favorite prom memory?

xx CPfashionista

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