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Dream Big

3 Dec

When I was in college one of my favorite songs was Dream Big by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband Band. Not only for the melody but because the lyrics were so truly inspirational, the chorus being “When you dream, dream big.” How profound.

I always find Friday’s to be especially inspirational as I build big plans in my head of what I can accomplish in the coming weekend. It seems that the bigger you dream, the more likely it is that your dreams just might come true. Let’s be honest, dreaming is fun but reality is so much better.

Here are some inspirational “Dream Big” things from around the web today…enjoy!

Shape What’s To Come project by Levi’s…where women from all over the world come together to share, inspire, and grow.

The most adorable dream fund keeper

A little music video for you to dream about.

Dreamy jewelry.

Have a happy weekend!

XX CPfashionista


Diaper Divas

28 May

I briefly heard about a Huggies fashion show event a couple of days ago in which they debuted a new diaper…and then I went on with my life.

Today, however, I came across this little number (see picture below) and absolutely fell in love. Not just because I work in the denim  industry, and not solely because I’ve been in overload baby mode these past few weeks (baby showers, baby clothes, baby nurseries) but because I can hardly believe it has taken this long for Huggies to come up with something this cute.

Image via ParentDish

From the life-like detailing of the pockets and faux belt loops to the actual denim wash of the diaper, this is the cutest little fashion statement to crawl on the runway since… oh I don’t know, the onsie?! 

Image via RaisingLeah

Image via My Child Magazine  

While this is only a limited edition diaper for the time being, I can’t see why it wouldn’t become the next diaper basic, I only hope they have cords and khakis for fall!

 Enjoy the holiday weekend!

xx CPfashionista

Hillbilly Deluxe

23 Apr

With Stagecoach just around the corner, as in less than 24 hours away, I  have been brainstorming outfit ideas for the better part of this week. For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon, Stagecoach is a weekend music festival (similar to Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bamboozle…anything? Ring a bell?) comprised entirely of country music!

If this sounds frightening then it is probably not the place for you. Because yes, it is every bit as cowboy-tastic as it sounds. Think full on cowboy boots and hats, giant belt buckles and a lot of redneck inspired attire.

So while staying within the country theme, I would like to stay cool (it’s like 90 degrees in Palm Springs, eeee!) and classy. Cute with a touch of twang if you will. I went with an article of denim as it is pretty much mandatory, as well as some rendition of a cowboy hat, a pair of comfy/cool/keep-your-feet-safe (and clean) shoes, a lightweight tank, and something for when the ccccold night threatens to ruin your fun.

Yeee haw!

xx CPfashionista

Out With The Old

7 Apr

You know the old adage, “out with the old, in with the new.” Except for me I have put myself on shopping time-out. Yes for me it ends with “out with the old.” This time of year makes us feel refreshed and brand new.

The inclining to purge our closets of chunky knits and heavy denim hits, otherwise known as spring cleaning, and there is no stopping the mission to narrow down the closet contents to things I actually wear more than once a year. Ok, I admit I hang on to things I only wear once a year but for the most part I was finally able to let go of articles I only thought I might wear no more than once a year.

Lucky for me not only is it that cleaning time of year, but I also had the help of a move into a new house therefore making the process of weeding and ditching much easier. While it is true I tend to hold on to things way longer than they are particularly trendy, I constantly find that the shirt  I loved when I was younger is now in style again! Who knew this fashion cycle could be so wonderfully beneficial to a well stocked closet.

In any event the thing I would most like to discuss/divulge/ shamefully admit is that I finally got rid of my **gasp, cover head in embarrassment** denim, and otherwise, mini skirt collection. Yes, all 42 of them ( ok I didn’t actually count because that would have been frightening) but all of those god awful Abercrombie jean skirts…you know what I’m talking about,  I finally donated every last one and boy do I feel lighter.

Happy Spring!

xx CPfashionista

Blue Day

5 Feb

I realize Friday usually calls for blue jean Friday, but seeing as it is raining today and also that it is perhaps the worst day of my entire life (not joking) I will call today blue day, or better yet just blue. I am blue. The sky is (not) blue, it is actually quite gray and gloomy which ordinarily I enjoy but not today. 

It is my fault I am sad but it still doesn’t make it go away. I do not want to do anything. Apologies for the lack of stimulating text, but for today here are some things that usually work to cheer me up…just not today!

{Red velvet cupcakes. Well, any cupcake really.}{Holding, watching, loving sleeping babies.}{Brightly colored markers, Sharpies in specific.}{A peaceful sky, & anything purple…the two together=magic.}{Walking in the rain with my favorite Coach rainboots.}{Bouquets of Gerber daisies.}

Happy Friday!


29 Jan

Apparently me and my one-track mind are still in an all out Valentine’s Day mood with nothing more than lovey thoughts on the brain. So here’s another sweetly detailed item to get you in the Vday mood. 

While shooting the Celebrity Pink Fall 2010 preview lookbook last week I absolutely fell in love with these heart pocket jeans by Celebrity Pink. They fit like a glove and hug the body in all the right places. The ultra stretchy fabric work with the heart pockets to accent both the back and front and add flattering lines to contour to your rear. These jeans come in two washes, appropriately named, heart breaker medium and heart breaker charcoal.

While they’re not yet in stores, I’m already thinking of a way to get my hands on a couple pairs to give away to a few lucky readers, be sure to check back in a couple weeks!

Have a great weekend!

XoXo cpFashionista

Pajama Day

22 Jan

You remember your favorite dress-up day in elementary school right? The day when you got to roll out of bed and wear your pajamas to school. Pajama day was quite possibly the best day ever!

Well wearing leggings, jeggings, or anything equally as stretchy is one step away from taking us back to that day when we were still comfy and cozy even though we were no longer in bed. **I know I’ve been on a jegging kick this week, but can you blame me? They’re taking over the world, or at least the fashion industry!**

So being that it is Friday and I didn’t much feel like coming in to the office, let alone getting dressed this morning, I opted for a solid pair of rain boots (because Los Angeles is currently experiencing more rain that it ever has ever in the history of LA!) and my Gwenevere leggings by 7 For All Mankind. Let me tell you, as guilty as it may make me I must admit I feel like I’m wearing pj pants and have not wanted to leave my very comfortable chair all day. I have long loved Seven’s for their made-for-me fit and super flattering styles, but these take the cake (kind of makes me want a piece right now) for being the most comfortable pair ever!

No matter that it’s supposed to be blue jean Friday, I digress today is officially pajama jegging day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx CPfashionista

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