I Am…

I thought about it. What this blog must look like to you, my loyal readers. There’s the Celebrity Pink overview, who we are and what we are about as a company. But then of course you need the “About Me” profile which confirms I’m a real person and not just “someone behind the computer who posts this blog,” (well I’m that too, but I’m also a person just like you). I realized that aside from the obvious, I work at Celebrity Pink and I then go home to my life, I’m the same person no matter where I go or what I’m doing. Perhaps just a little more stressed and a little less playful in the office versus my house.

Here’s a little peek at the real me, Lauren Johnson. Writer. Thinker. Dreamer.


I am a born and raised, fashion obsessed California girl! I love the beach and the sand and the climate to wear flip-flops 365 days a year if I so choose. However, having grown up with the influence of a mother from the East Coast and a father from the West Coast I do possess a certain broad and all-encompassing appreciation for not only the vastly diverse cultures and lifestyles of the opposite shores, but I have reaped the benefits of a well-integrated fashion experience as well.

There is nothing quite like combining the put together sophistication of New York with the laid back California feel and finishing with a touch of class from somewhere in between. Everything from knee-high suede boots and pea coats to barely there bikinis and sun dress cover-ups. Not only do I live for this eclectic mix of East meets West coast style, but chances are I own it. “It” being the piece of fashion, the trend, that makes each city identifiably its own. I wouldn’t say I have a definite favorite look because I do have to admit that in some variation I have collected a fairly well represented array of styles. Regional differences aside, there is one passion that never waivers no matter what state I may be in, this my friends is my love for, no rather my addiction to… DENIM!

I love everything about fashion: The trend setters that lead and the fashion conscious who follow, the fabrics, the accessories, the shows and the photo shoots, the places, the history, the expression, the clothes themselves…what can I say, I live and breathe the fashion industry. After all, your clothes are an expression of your individuality. That’s why I am here, to tell you to mix it up, wear what you want, and to do it with confidence! From what’s in the news to what’s new, I’ll be sure  to keep you posted. I am fun-loving. I am excited. I am fashion forward. I am a fashionista.

Coco Chanel said it best, ” I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.”


4 Responses to “I Am…”

  1. kylie February 23, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    I love CELEB ❤ PINK!!

  2. Iva July 13, 2009 at 3:42 pm #

    FANTASTIC to meet you!! 🙂 YAY!!

  3. Momdaughterstyle December 23, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    i just blogged about a celebrity pink dress. I love it, the material is great. It’s great to find this blog and nice to meet you!

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