Let’s Be Brief

4 Jan

The briefcase is rarely thought of as a fashion statement, but more so as the business man’s (for lack of a better word)… purse. However, I have come to view the briefcase as a more sophisticated and professional version of its much younger college-esque counterpart, the backpack.

My day-to-day purse has grown far too heavy to tote on my shoulder. The constant accumulation of papers and work necessities seem to be over running the small tote that accompanies my now behemoth purse. All in all the issue of space and weight are of utmost concern and the solution seems to be the overlooked yet very chic briefcase. Such a briefcase can be held by the handle or in many cases by means of the cross body strap therefore equally distributing the weight, presto! Problem(s) solved.

  1. Bueno- patent croc briefcase, $25
  2. Coach- embossed exotic satchel, $498
  3. Tumi- dome business case, $495
  4. Coach- nylon business tote, $298
  5. Mulberry- Alexa leather bag, $1,250
  6. Proenza Schouler- leather satchel, $1,595

xx CPfashionista


2 Responses to “Let’s Be Brief”

  1. Alicia March 30, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    That PS1 in purple is seriously to die for!!

  2. valerie May 2, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    I find the PS satchels so much better than the Mulberry’s. This purple one is absolutely perfect!

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