Be Right Back

19 Nov

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I have recently noticed that as soon as a trip of any length is planned, I immediately begin putting together an inspiration (board) of sorts for packing details and outfit inspiration. Perhaps it’s the excitement of traveling that moves to inspire me but whatever the case may be, whether I’m packing for a weekend away or a week-long vaca I start collecting images the second plans are made.

I do it because I love it, but also because it greatly helps me organize my packing list and visualize how to effectively coordinate components. The best piece of packing advice I ever got was to never bring anything that you won’t wear or use at least twice. Done! I now look at pieces for their versatility and can proudly say that my once enormous tow of luggage has greatly shrunk to one very expertly packed carry-on.

In early September we took a weekend trip to Tahoe to visit my brother and so I was faced with the ever temperamental weather that is North Shore Lake Tahoe. Relatively warm during the day and nearly freezing at night. The outdoors lent a great deal to be inspired by and so I decided to go with basics and layers in muted naturals:  several cute (and comfy) tees, my favorite black wrap/shrug, a pair of olive cargos, cropped skinny jeans, a pair of shorts for the day, antique gold was my metal of choice, and a messenger bag to round it all out.

xx CPfashionista


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