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There’s Still Time

24 Nov

The Club Pink monthly newsletter is here and ready to be sent out…if you’re not yet a member of Celebrity Pink’s Club Pink, there’s still time to join. Sign up before Friday to receive 4 awesome give-away offers!

Oh, and have a happy turkey day!

xx CpFashionista


CP Gift Guide

23 Nov

With black Friday mere days away what better way to prepare than with an exclusive Celebrity Pink BFF gift guide. From skinny jeans to the perfect shade of nail polish, you’re sure to find something for that best friend you couldn’t live without.

  1. Celebrity Pink-Denim jeggings
  2. Celebrity Pink- Holiday bow dress
  3. Celebrity Pink- Cargo jacket
  4. Celebrity Pink- Cargo skinny jeans
  5. Celebrity Pink- Classic jegging
  6. Juicy Couture- Sequin clutch
  7. Shared Earth- Peacock feather bracelet
  8. Forever 21- Bow booties
  9. Essie- Velvet Voyeur nail polish
  10. Philosophy- Peppermint Bark lip gloss

XX Happy Shopping!


Behind the Scenes

22 Nov

We have anxiously awaited the release of Celebrity Pink’s photo shoot behind the scenes and it’s finally here! Check out Sadie May and the rest of our wonderful team rockin everything from denim to set-design.

A little Monday entertainment for you!

xx CpFashionista

Be Right Back

19 Nov

Model images via

I have recently noticed that as soon as a trip of any length is planned, I immediately begin putting together an inspiration (board) of sorts for packing details and outfit inspiration. Perhaps it’s the excitement of traveling that moves to inspire me but whatever the case may be, whether I’m packing for a weekend away or a week-long vaca I start collecting images the second plans are made.

I do it because I love it, but also because it greatly helps me organize my packing list and visualize how to effectively coordinate components. The best piece of packing advice I ever got was to never bring anything that you won’t wear or use at least twice. Done! I now look at pieces for their versatility and can proudly say that my once enormous tow of luggage has greatly shrunk to one very expertly packed carry-on.

In early September we took a weekend trip to Tahoe to visit my brother and so I was faced with the ever temperamental weather that is North Shore Lake Tahoe. Relatively warm during the day and nearly freezing at night. The outdoors lent a great deal to be inspired by and so I decided to go with basics and layers in muted naturals:  several cute (and comfy) tees, my favorite black wrap/shrug, a pair of olive cargos, cropped skinny jeans, a pair of shorts for the day, antique gold was my metal of choice, and a messenger bag to round it all out.

xx CPfashionista

It’s All In The Name

18 Nov

I am not entirely sure if it is because we share the same first name or simply because her designs are delightfully feminine and equally edgy, but either way I have long been a fan of the Lauren Merkin label. So, when I spotted one of her clutches at a Goodwill Thrift Store while Halloween costume searching last month I just about died. All of $5.99 bought me this little purple print and gold sparkly number which I fully plan on accessorizing many holiday outfits with these coming months.

While the exact same one is no longer available, my new little friend is very similar to the Tatum clutch except purple and gold python instead of the black seen above.

Also, I would like to confess that since that Halloween trip to Good Will I have a renewed appreciation for thrifting and I’m pretty sure  my new fav go-to shopping spot might just be anything second-hand. It’s way more fun! 

xx CpFashionista

Sock It To Me

11 Nov

Visible socks with shoes seems to be a recurring trend favorite of mine as of late. During my most recent trip to New York I found myself layering knee socks over tights no matter my outfit. Not only for added warmth but simply for the irresistible cuteness I just can’t seem to get enough of.

After the second consecutive day of wearing the same pair of black wool socks (cue: ew, gross!) it was decided an exclusive sock shopping stop was in order. One trip to Urban Outfitters later and I was the proud owner of not only knee-high and over the knee socks, but thigh high knits as well. Thank you UO!

xx CPfashionista

Feathers and Fur

9 Nov

Images via

To be perfectly honest I have always had a certain affinity for textural accessories. There is something very appealing and yet slightly off about adding natural elements to an otherwise manmade ensemble. Be it mis-matched feather earrings or a fur-lined clutch, I adore the boho hippie vibe anything animal tends to exude.

Before I go sounding too Call of the Wild I will confess that while I’m not an avid PETA supporter I do feel it necessary to done faux fur rather than what was once a living animal. But that’s just me.

Planet Blue consistently captures this coveted look to a t(ee). Literally, their styling of Wild Fox tees and eclectic jewelry is perfectly complex and equal part random. Not to mention I could live in this look every single day: cut-off denim shorts with tights, over sized tees, layer upon layer of accessories, feathers, fur…need I say more?!

Are you a feathers or fur kind of girl?

xx CPfashionista

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