It’s Fashion Week

10 Sep

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It is fashion week, again.  If I may be perfectly honest, I am simply overwhelmed. Yes I love fashion and all of the many facets involved with said industry, but when fashion week rolls around and there is just way too much going on…(confession) I kind of just want to shut down.

Instead of meticulously following streaming runway shows and live-tweeting sessions, I simply ignore it. Really though where do you start? With so many events and parties, shows and styles going on (all at once, might I add) it seems nearly impossible to take it in.

Here’s a how to (survive fashion week?) I found to  be super helpful in my last minutes of despair. Luckily, I had not given up yet so hopefully I will  be able to keep up with this madness from a safe distance…like on my phone. Thank you Mashable for making this possible.

What are your fashion week plans?

xx CPfashionista


One Response to “It’s Fashion Week”

  1. Carrie September 15, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    Can I just say I love you right now? I’m going to confess
    that I pretty much ignore it all too. It’s so much to weed through that I put it aside and then catch what interests me later via online or blogs or what have you.

    So happy to read this today!!


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