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It’s Fashion Week

10 Sep

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It is fashion week, again.  If I may be perfectly honest, I am simply overwhelmed. Yes I love fashion and all of the many facets involved with said industry, but when fashion week rolls around and there is just way too much going on…(confession) I kind of just want to shut down.

Instead of meticulously following streaming runway shows and live-tweeting sessions, I simply ignore it. Really though where do you start? With so many events and parties, shows and styles going on (all at once, might I add) it seems nearly impossible to take it in.

Here’s a how to (survive fashion week?) I found to  be super helpful in my last minutes of despair. Luckily, I had not given up yet so hopefully I will  be able to keep up with this madness from a safe distance…like on my phone. Thank you Mashable for making this possible.

What are your fashion week plans?

xx CPfashionista


Just Charli

2 Sep

We’ve seen her here before and now she’s ready to debut her first ever, bound to be a smash hit, single. She is Charli, as in JustCharli. 

We could not be more excited to be a part of her exciting journey. Check her out on her world at  and listen to her debut single, Different Kind of Girl, right here!

I also have a confession: Even though it is no secret that I can’t sing, hum, or even utter a tune to save my life, I sometimes think about how awesome it must be to perform in front of so many fans…seriously though, how cool would it be to be a rock star?!

xx Cpfashionista

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