Some Layers Are Better Than Others

19 Aug

Day 2, Fall Trends: Shearling Jackets

I love the way ruffle blouses are peeking out from under tailored military coats and layered hoodies hide under heavy shearling coats. Chunky knit stockings layer over ribbed tights and leggings would not be complete without a thick pair of knee-high socks.

It’s official, fashion is fun again. It’s vintage with modern. Tuxedo pieces with laid back casual. It’s $40 Abercrombie shorts with a $1,000 pair of Louboutins (thank you Victoria Beckham) or a Marc Jacobs bag with a Forever 21 skirt (thank you Emily!). Anything goes, so layer it on, stack it up, dream it, wear it, repeat.

I do not necessarily condone owning a $3,000 jacket (we’re in a recession!) but I have fallen hard for this Burberry aviator and if I somehow obtained $3,000 today I would buy this in a heartbeat. The leather looks buttery soft and I just love how vintage fighter pilot the bomber style feels. Aside from stalking (Confession: I did) the next best option I could muster would be similarly wearable…but less lust worthy, faux leather variation.

Have any lust ideas with a must price tag?



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