22 Jul

I have been newly introduced to a little online site called This is not to say I have never heard of the idea before. The concept of renting purses and clothes has presented itself in the form of several viable websites and options but none have come close to such seemless ease and perfection as RentTheRunway has finally successfully done.

3 reasons to love Rent The Runway:

  1. Effort(less): Not only is their selection expansive but it is conveniently organized for your searching pleasure in several different ways. My favorite is by occasion, where they include suggestions for dressing for a summer wedding, girls night out, and even a this-is-getting-serious date!
  2. Confidence: They let you reserve a back-up size.  As in, you order a 4 because you are planning on losing five pounds before your sister’s wedding but your new-found love of baking has other plans and you actually gained weight. So when your size 4 dress arrives you can’t even zip up the back, lucky for you the size 6 dress you actually need is on hold too and just waiting for you to say the word.
  3. Ease: After your event you simply place your outfit and/or accessories in a pre-addressed, prepaid envelope that they provide. And, as if that weren’t enough, they take care of dry cleaning too. Could they make it any easier? Really, could they?

Did I mention their prices are ridiculously reasonable?

With your jam-packed summer to fall schedule you really can’t afford not to rent your next runway look.

xx CpFashionista

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