Cheap Thrills

16 Jul

I must admit (**Confession**) that I am a big fan of sales, steals, and anything being sold for less than it is worth. Which is perhaps why I prefer flea markets, vintage stores, antique malls and anything else that’s a little less than mainstream to, well, anything mainstream and generic. 

I have however noticed over the years that Old Navy, which is just about as generic as they come, offers some amazing deals that make me wonder how they are even in business. I mean seriously, how can you sell flip-flops for $2.50? How? Tees and tanks for $5.00? Don’t even get me started on their swim wear separates.

You can stock up on separates (in one stop!) that easily go from play day to date night with the simple change of a pair of shoes. Throw on your cutest pair of cut off denim shorts with one of these super lightweight tops and you’re all set.

In all honesty Old Navy deserves some credit for offering solid basics for less than cheap.

Check out their summer sale, it can’t hurt you (and certainly won’t even scratch your wallet).

Have a fabulous weekend! Stay cool.

xx CPfashionista


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