Material World

14 Jul

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It is true, we live in an all too materialistic world. And despite every attempt at resisting desiring such (meaningless) worldly possessions I confess when I first caught a glimpse of the new Material Girl line, I kind of wanted all of it. Not just one or two pieces, not half of it…but all of it.

I’m not even a Madonna fan but after several convincing People StyleWatch articles and half a dozen enticing tweets later, I’m sold. It looks awesome. Even more appealing is that fact that it is retailing at Macy’s of all places and for very affordable, if not out right cheap, prices.

If you are at all still wondering what I am talking about, I am referring to Madonna’s collaboration with her daughter Lourdes to create a fashion line set to debut August 3, 2010 (That’s less than a month away! Not that I’m counting!) exclusively available at Macy’s. Taylor Momsen is acting spokes model which is pretty much the icing on the cake.

Check out Taylor here.

Catch a sneak peek at Macy’s.

xx CPfashionista


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