Beautiful Is Everywhere

2 Jul

Image via NYT

It seems to be a law of nature or irony or some Chinese proverb, but whenever you mention something new…this concept suddenly seems to appear nearly everywhere.

In particular I have been doing a great deal of research and reading about the era of curvy, this era being now! Today! Curvy shapes are taking over the runway and even the magazines, models look more real than plastic, it is wonderful to see so much natural beauty.

Even Victoria’s Secret newest addition to team Pink is considered “curvy” (she’s a size 4!) but we are making progress. At least she is an actual number size and not a non-existent zero. Check out Coco Rocha’s cute face here.

The New York Times covered a plus size fashion show in New York last week, where curvy, confident women strutted the runway in sexy dresses and trendy heels. The focus being on the fact that these women have money and they are willing to spend it on fashionable pieces, when they can find them in their sizes. The message? Designers pay attention. This curvy woman wants to wear your clothes, so make them in extended sizes too.

Ms. Gwen DeVoe, former model and fashion show producer, was quote in Monday’s Apparel News as saying “Every curvy girl that has a dollar is willing to spend that dollar.” So, there you have it.

xx CpFashionista


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