Curves To Crave

1 Jul

 With such attention to size in the fashion world it is of little wonder that it took this long for a girl with curves to get the attention she deserves. It is not for lack of effort, there have been many started attempts stating that “curvy is the new thin” and models are getting healthier and “bigger”.

In all honesty it would appear this concept of bigger-is-better has never really stuck around. Emaciated models still strut the runways and high school girls are forever trying to starve themselves into size double zeros (which for the record, is not a size! how can you be smaller than zero?).

Nothing exemplifies beauty quite like the confident curves of the feminine form. At Celebrity Pink Jeans we strive to embody all that is captivating in a woman’s natural body. For this reason we created the new Got Curves collection, featuring jeans in the same on-trend fashions as before but with a little more room to be you.

We think every girl should celebrate her curves in a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. Look for Got Curves by Celebrity Pink available in national retailers including Macy’s and Dillard’s this August 2010.

xx Cpfashionista


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