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We’re Here!

29 Jul

Celebrity Pink has partnered with Zumiez to bring you 5 styles available online for a limited time only! So hurry on over to and pick up your own pair of Celebrity Pink jeans.

Little secret confession: you will receive a free Celebrity Pink gift with every purchase.

Happy shopping!

xx CPfashionista



22 Jul

I have been newly introduced to a little online site called This is not to say I have never heard of the idea before. The concept of renting purses and clothes has presented itself in the form of several viable websites and options but none have come close to such seemless ease and perfection as RentTheRunway has finally successfully done.

3 reasons to love Rent The Runway:

  1. Effort(less): Not only is their selection expansive but it is conveniently organized for your searching pleasure in several different ways. My favorite is by occasion, where they include suggestions for dressing for a summer wedding, girls night out, and even a this-is-getting-serious date!
  2. Confidence: They let you reserve a back-up size.  As in, you order a 4 because you are planning on losing five pounds before your sister’s wedding but your new-found love of baking has other plans and you actually gained weight. So when your size 4 dress arrives you can’t even zip up the back, lucky for you the size 6 dress you actually need is on hold too and just waiting for you to say the word.
  3. Ease: After your event you simply place your outfit and/or accessories in a pre-addressed, prepaid envelope that they provide. And, as if that weren’t enough, they take care of dry cleaning too. Could they make it any easier? Really, could they?

Did I mention their prices are ridiculously reasonable?

With your jam-packed summer to fall schedule you really can’t afford not to rent your next runway look.

xx CpFashionista

Be Sure To Blink

19 Jul

Photo via

While not too long ago it seemed that Wet Seal Inc. was destined for bankruptcy, they are now not only doing progressively better but even opening an entirely new line of concept stores.

The idea is denim, an entire store (or shop-in-shop at some of their newest locations) dedicated to all things denim called Blink by Wet Seal. Wet Seal CEO, Ed Thomas, states that denim is one of the strongest parts of their business according to WWD.

These stores are temporarily leased as short-term stores but pending performance could remain a permanent venture of the Wet Seal family. For now, the leases are based on either 6 or 12 month agreements.

Don’t blink, or you may miss them.

xx CPfashionista

Cheap Thrills

16 Jul

I must admit (**Confession**) that I am a big fan of sales, steals, and anything being sold for less than it is worth. Which is perhaps why I prefer flea markets, vintage stores, antique malls and anything else that’s a little less than mainstream to, well, anything mainstream and generic. 

I have however noticed over the years that Old Navy, which is just about as generic as they come, offers some amazing deals that make me wonder how they are even in business. I mean seriously, how can you sell flip-flops for $2.50? How? Tees and tanks for $5.00? Don’t even get me started on their swim wear separates.

You can stock up on separates (in one stop!) that easily go from play day to date night with the simple change of a pair of shoes. Throw on your cutest pair of cut off denim shorts with one of these super lightweight tops and you’re all set.

In all honesty Old Navy deserves some credit for offering solid basics for less than cheap.

Check out their summer sale, it can’t hurt you (and certainly won’t even scratch your wallet).

Have a fabulous weekend! Stay cool.

xx CPfashionista

Material World

14 Jul

Image via

It is true, we live in an all too materialistic world. And despite every attempt at resisting desiring such (meaningless) worldly possessions I confess when I first caught a glimpse of the new Material Girl line, I kind of wanted all of it. Not just one or two pieces, not half of it…but all of it.

I’m not even a Madonna fan but after several convincing People StyleWatch articles and half a dozen enticing tweets later, I’m sold. It looks awesome. Even more appealing is that fact that it is retailing at Macy’s of all places and for very affordable, if not out right cheap, prices.

If you are at all still wondering what I am talking about, I am referring to Madonna’s collaboration with her daughter Lourdes to create a fashion line set to debut August 3, 2010 (That’s less than a month away! Not that I’m counting!) exclusively available at Macy’s. Taylor Momsen is acting spokes model which is pretty much the icing on the cake.

Check out Taylor here.

Catch a sneak peek at Macy’s.

xx CPfashionista

Beautiful Is Everywhere

2 Jul

Image via NYT

It seems to be a law of nature or irony or some Chinese proverb, but whenever you mention something new…this concept suddenly seems to appear nearly everywhere.

In particular I have been doing a great deal of research and reading about the era of curvy, this era being now! Today! Curvy shapes are taking over the runway and even the magazines, models look more real than plastic, it is wonderful to see so much natural beauty.

Even Victoria’s Secret newest addition to team Pink is considered “curvy” (she’s a size 4!) but we are making progress. At least she is an actual number size and not a non-existent zero. Check out Coco Rocha’s cute face here.

The New York Times covered a plus size fashion show in New York last week, where curvy, confident women strutted the runway in sexy dresses and trendy heels. The focus being on the fact that these women have money and they are willing to spend it on fashionable pieces, when they can find them in their sizes. The message? Designers pay attention. This curvy woman wants to wear your clothes, so make them in extended sizes too.

Ms. Gwen DeVoe, former model and fashion show producer, was quote in Monday’s Apparel News as saying “Every curvy girl that has a dollar is willing to spend that dollar.” So, there you have it.

xx CpFashionista

Curves To Crave

1 Jul

 With such attention to size in the fashion world it is of little wonder that it took this long for a girl with curves to get the attention she deserves. It is not for lack of effort, there have been many started attempts stating that “curvy is the new thin” and models are getting healthier and “bigger”.

In all honesty it would appear this concept of bigger-is-better has never really stuck around. Emaciated models still strut the runways and high school girls are forever trying to starve themselves into size double zeros (which for the record, is not a size! how can you be smaller than zero?).

Nothing exemplifies beauty quite like the confident curves of the feminine form. At Celebrity Pink Jeans we strive to embody all that is captivating in a woman’s natural body. For this reason we created the new Got Curves collection, featuring jeans in the same on-trend fashions as before but with a little more room to be you.

We think every girl should celebrate her curves in a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. Look for Got Curves by Celebrity Pink available in national retailers including Macy’s and Dillard’s this August 2010.

xx Cpfashionista

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