Diaper Divas

28 May

I briefly heard about a Huggies fashion show event a couple of days ago in which they debuted a new diaper…and then I went on with my life.

Today, however, I came across this little number (see picture below) and absolutely fell in love. Not just because I work in the denim  industry, and not solely because I’ve been in overload baby mode these past few weeks (baby showers, baby clothes, baby nurseries) but because I can hardly believe it has taken this long for Huggies to come up with something this cute.

Image via ParentDish

From the life-like detailing of the pockets and faux belt loops to the actual denim wash of the diaper, this is the cutest little fashion statement to crawl on the runway since… oh I don’t know, the onsie?! 

Image via RaisingLeah

Image via My Child Magazine  

While this is only a limited edition diaper for the time being, I can’t see why it wouldn’t become the next diaper basic, I only hope they have cords and khakis for fall!

 Enjoy the holiday weekend!

xx CPfashionista


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