26 May

We’ve all heard about kleptomaniacs, those who can’t help but steal (riiiight), and then there’s those promiscuous teens who like to shop lift just for fun. But what about those who habitually return things? I introduce to you the concept of, returnaholics.

Sure some stores are a bit too lenient when it comes to returns, *cough*  Nordstrom, where you could literally return a worn-to-shreds sweater from three seasons ago with no tags and only a receipt and they would probably give you a full refund. Apologies for the graphic picture painted, just be glad I didn’t use Victoria’s Secret…whom might I add, should in all cleanliness be a little stricter on their return policy as well.

Ok, off my soap box… on a more serious note, these “returnaholics” are costing retailers over a billion dollars, yes BILLIONS, a year in loses! Apparently this trend is more financially motivated than psychologically predispositioned which does make sense in this economy. Why invest in something you could just buy, use, and then return? Well retailers are on to us, they’ve finally had enough according to the Wallet Pop (my trusted source!). Read the full article here.

Confession: I will shamefully (head down) confess that I too have bought something (packed it and brought it to Cabo, wore it to dinner, decided I really didn’t like it that much at all!) and returned the day I got back! Big no-no-no, but shhhh don’t tell.

What have you returned??

xx CpFashionista

Image via off the mark


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