Garden Party

20 May

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers but as of late the only thing May has produced are more showers. So for now these floral dresses will have to hold us over until summer actually decides to stay longer than a weekend.

I have also decided that since this is (in all fairness) supposed to be Confessions of a Fashion Addict I should probably start fessing up to something. So I will now confide in you, my trusted readers, a fashion confession a day. Or at least I will try…

My confession for today: I confess that after spying that pink strapless Rebecca Taylor number in People StyleWatch I vowed ( to myself) I would hunt it down and buy it no matter the cost. For who can resist the absolute adorable flirtyness of floral and corset combined?

I must have thought it would be more difficult to track down (thus saving myself from actually having to follow through with a self-made promise) because after one trip though net-a-porter not only had I found the dress but I was now staring at  it wondering why i had promised myself a $500 dress…needless to say, I didn’t buy it. Am I the only one who promises myself little things like I’m 5 years old?

  1. Rebecca Taylor- strapless floral print dress, $495
  2. Metropark- strapless smocked dress, $69
  3. Miss Selfridge- bow print babydoll dress, $64
  4. Topshop- floral dolly dress, $64
  5. Miss Selfridge- floral stripe prom dress, $46
  6. Styles For Less- zipper front floral sundress, $20 (ONLY $20)!

xx CPfashionista


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  1. juliaandromios June 10, 2010 at 5:43 am #

    Bonjour, Polite to unify you, I am Julia

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