Something Old, Something New

14 May

I’m not sure if it’s that I’m at that age in my life, or if this really is just the summer of weddings but so far there are 4 weddings taking place…in the next 4 months. This past week alone we received two wedding invites and a baby shower announcement in the mail. I have never looked at so many online registries in my life! now pops up automatically whenever I get online and half the apps on my phone are somehow wedding and/ or shower related.

So with the first (of many) weddings next month, it is time to begin considering that big looming question…what should I wear?

People StyleWatch did an article in their May issue (pg. 82) detailing how to accessorize one dress for three different style weddings…genius! Since imitation is the best form of flattery I decided to do my own version of  The Dress You Can Wear To Any Wedding:

I recently picked up a similar silk dress in the same awkward taupe-grey color and accessorizing it is somewhat of a task.

Fun: This is for the more outgoing wedding. One where the bride skips joyfully down the beach with no shoes and the reception lasts well into the night. The shoes are the focal point of this outfit but can be slipped off for a sandy ceremony or hours of dancing.

Formal: To me formal weddings feel a bit unimaginative but they are still fun to dress up for. I like the simple elegance of the gold shoes and the clutch will bring some additional sparkle to the look.

Flirty: When I think flirty I think garden casual in a sweetly romantic setting. The shoes in this outfit are understated and complement the dress while the unique leaf clutch adds just the perfect conversation piece to an otherwise quiet ensemble.

xx CpFashionista

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