Absolute Essentials

4 May

Having become somewhat of a frequent flier I have (begun) to master the task of packing light and more efficientally. In an effort to only carry-on as well as sail through security I find myself narrowing down my necessities to the absolute essentials I could most certainly not live with out.

After flying into Sacramento this past weekend with a large checked bag but returning with merely a carry-on I was faced with down sizing my “face stuff” substaintially and came to the conclusion that I only use about 10% of what is in my make-up arsenal (yet for some reason I continue to drag around an obnoxious amount of unused make-up, I give up!).

I also relized that that given the choice between checking my bag or minimizing my belongings I would reluctantly rather comply with the 3 ounces of liquid rule. Here are my top 5 make-up must-haves for such a situation:

1.Sumita- bhura contrast eye pencil, $11

This is by far the most amazing eyeliner I have ever used. I usually shy away from pencil versions for the simple reason that sharpening make-up utensils is far too much work, but this eye pencil is worth every second. It goes on smoothly and lasts all day, yet doesn’t require a super scrubber to take off at night.

2. L’Oreal- Double Extend mascara, $10

I have been using this mascara since high school, no really I have. I use the Carbon Black, which is actually darker than Blackest Black, go figure. I love how the lengthening serum is at one end and the mascara is at the other.

3. MAC- clear lipglass, $14

I have never been particialarly fond of lipstick or colored gloss, so this lipglass in clear gives lips a shiny coat without feeling sticky.

4. Bare Escentuals- Bare Minerals matte foundation, $28

If I remember correctly I was once convinced into one of those in store make-up demonstrations and somehow fell in love with Bare Escentuals and all of their lightly powdered wonderfulness. I hate wearing anything that actually feels like I’m wearing make-up. For this reason the sheerness of the powder, in combination with the SPF factor and the clever little pot it comes in makes this a no brainer.

5. Chanel- Chance eau fraiche, $50

And finally I never go anywhere without my all purpose scent, Chance eau fraiche by Chanel. The impossibly cute travel size bottle squeezes past airport security and takes up minimal real estate whether hiding in my purse or buried in the depths of my make-up bag. Fresh and flirty, this smell always makes me smile.

xx CPfashionista


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