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Diaper Divas

28 May

I briefly heard about a Huggies fashion show event a couple of days ago in which they debuted a new diaper…and then I went on with my life.

Today, however, I came across this little number (see picture below) and absolutely fell in love. Not just because I work in the denim  industry, and not solely because I’ve been in overload baby mode these past few weeks (baby showers, baby clothes, baby nurseries) but because I can hardly believe it has taken this long for Huggies to come up with something this cute.

Image via ParentDish

From the life-like detailing of the pockets and faux belt loops to the actual denim wash of the diaper, this is the cutest little fashion statement to crawl on the runway since… oh I don’t know, the onsie?! 

Image via RaisingLeah

Image via My Child Magazine  

While this is only a limited edition diaper for the time being, I can’t see why it wouldn’t become the next diaper basic, I only hope they have cords and khakis for fall!

 Enjoy the holiday weekend!

xx CPfashionista



26 May

We’ve all heard about kleptomaniacs, those who can’t help but steal (riiiight), and then there’s those promiscuous teens who like to shop lift just for fun. But what about those who habitually return things? I introduce to you the concept of, returnaholics.

Sure some stores are a bit too lenient when it comes to returns, *cough*  Nordstrom, where you could literally return a worn-to-shreds sweater from three seasons ago with no tags and only a receipt and they would probably give you a full refund. Apologies for the graphic picture painted, just be glad I didn’t use Victoria’s Secret…whom might I add, should in all cleanliness be a little stricter on their return policy as well.

Ok, off my soap box… on a more serious note, these “returnaholics” are costing retailers over a billion dollars, yes BILLIONS, a year in loses! Apparently this trend is more financially motivated than psychologically predispositioned which does make sense in this economy. Why invest in something you could just buy, use, and then return? Well retailers are on to us, they’ve finally had enough according to the Wallet Pop (my trusted source!). Read the full article here.

Confession: I will shamefully (head down) confess that I too have bought something (packed it and brought it to Cabo, wore it to dinner, decided I really didn’t like it that much at all!) and returned the day I got back! Big no-no-no, but shhhh don’t tell.

What have you returned??

xx CpFashionista

Image via off the mark

Floral Finds

25 May

Teen Vogue did their homework concerning the current floral frenzy and sought out what they deem the season’s flirtiest floral skinny jeans. Celebrity Pink made the list with their super cute rosy pink denim.

You can check them out on page 64 in the June/July issue of Teen Vogue. Or at

Maybe April showers bring May flower(ed) denim…


Formerly Known As

24 May

…a huge fashion DON’T.

Confession of the day: I like socks with sandals. There I said it. I’m not proud of the fact, but for some reason I like the weird way socks look with open toed platforms. Now there are obviously a great deal of rules and guidelines for effectively pulling off socks as a fashion statement. Which brings me to my next confession, I have in fact been looking for the perfect pair of socks to wear with some new cork wedges for over a week! I don’t know about you but for me that is far too long to be spending time shopping for socks!

Try a monochrome theme for socks and sandals to create a sleek evening look.

For all-day wear pair girly socks, think ruffles/lace/ anything floral, with a cute pair of flats.

Be a stand-out trend setter by contrasting brightly colored socks with fun, quirky wedges.  

According to the Telegraph, socks are the new tights this season. It is currently socially acceptable to pair all of your favorite open-toed sandals, wedges, flats (etc) with ankle, ruffle, knee, ribbed (etc, etc, etc) socks without ending up on the fashion don’t pages of Marie Claire.

Things to keep in mind: socks should not be too bulky or chunky but fit smoothly under the straps of your sandals. While patterns and prints are also acceptable just remember that classy trumps trashy any day, even if you are following the trend.

xx CpFashionista

21 May

 The moment I entered my world was changed. I immediately needed nearly every thing they were so graciously supplying.  I love the unorthodox, slightly thrift store vibe this site exudes.The unexpected tattoos, the randomly fitted outfits, I just love it.

I also find the name very fitting. Along the lines of the supply and demand theory of economics, I need something…they’ll supply it. Hence needsupply. Simple, not overly thought out, and yet oh so underlyingly perfect. Now why didn’t I think of that?!

5 things I absolutely need right now:

  1. Jeffrey Campbell- wedge platform, $165
  2. Mini For Many- urna party dot dress, $88
  3. Brandy and Melville- slouch top, $44
  4. Mini For Many- striped ankle-tie wedge, $135
  5. Mini For Many- strapless twirl dress, $94

Today I will confess:  While I like the way tattoos look I am far too scared to ever get one. I look at body art as a means of self-expression, so when artfully conceived and auspiciously placed I think they can add real character to a person. The line between tacky and tasteful, is however, a thin one.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx CPfashionista

Garden Party

20 May

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers but as of late the only thing May has produced are more showers. So for now these floral dresses will have to hold us over until summer actually decides to stay longer than a weekend.

I have also decided that since this is (in all fairness) supposed to be Confessions of a Fashion Addict I should probably start fessing up to something. So I will now confide in you, my trusted readers, a fashion confession a day. Or at least I will try…

My confession for today: I confess that after spying that pink strapless Rebecca Taylor number in People StyleWatch I vowed ( to myself) I would hunt it down and buy it no matter the cost. For who can resist the absolute adorable flirtyness of floral and corset combined?

I must have thought it would be more difficult to track down (thus saving myself from actually having to follow through with a self-made promise) because after one trip though net-a-porter not only had I found the dress but I was now staring at  it wondering why i had promised myself a $500 dress…needless to say, I didn’t buy it. Am I the only one who promises myself little things like I’m 5 years old?

  1. Rebecca Taylor- strapless floral print dress, $495
  2. Metropark- strapless smocked dress, $69
  3. Miss Selfridge- bow print babydoll dress, $64
  4. Topshop- floral dolly dress, $64
  5. Miss Selfridge- floral stripe prom dress, $46
  6. Styles For Less- zipper front floral sundress, $20 (ONLY $20)!

xx CPfashionista

Something Old, Something New

14 May

I’m not sure if it’s that I’m at that age in my life, or if this really is just the summer of weddings but so far there are 4 weddings taking place…in the next 4 months. This past week alone we received two wedding invites and a baby shower announcement in the mail. I have never looked at so many online registries in my life! now pops up automatically whenever I get online and half the apps on my phone are somehow wedding and/ or shower related.

So with the first (of many) weddings next month, it is time to begin considering that big looming question…what should I wear?

People StyleWatch did an article in their May issue (pg. 82) detailing how to accessorize one dress for three different style weddings…genius! Since imitation is the best form of flattery I decided to do my own version of  The Dress You Can Wear To Any Wedding:

I recently picked up a similar silk dress in the same awkward taupe-grey color and accessorizing it is somewhat of a task.

Fun: This is for the more outgoing wedding. One where the bride skips joyfully down the beach with no shoes and the reception lasts well into the night. The shoes are the focal point of this outfit but can be slipped off for a sandy ceremony or hours of dancing.

Formal: To me formal weddings feel a bit unimaginative but they are still fun to dress up for. I like the simple elegance of the gold shoes and the clutch will bring some additional sparkle to the look.

Flirty: When I think flirty I think garden casual in a sweetly romantic setting. The shoes in this outfit are understated and complement the dress while the unique leaf clutch adds just the perfect conversation piece to an otherwise quiet ensemble.

xx CpFashionista

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