Hillbilly Deluxe

23 Apr

With Stagecoach just around the corner, as in less than 24 hours away, I  have been brainstorming outfit ideas for the better part of this week. For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon, Stagecoach is a weekend music festival (similar to Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bamboozle…anything? Ring a bell?) comprised entirely of country music!

If this sounds frightening then it is probably not the place for you. Because yes, it is every bit as cowboy-tastic as it sounds. Think full on cowboy boots and hats, giant belt buckles and a lot of redneck inspired attire.

So while staying within the country theme, I would like to stay cool (it’s like 90 degrees in Palm Springs, eeee!) and classy. Cute with a touch of twang if you will. I went with an article of denim as it is pretty much mandatory, as well as some rendition of a cowboy hat, a pair of comfy/cool/keep-your-feet-safe (and clean) shoes, a lightweight tank, and something for when the ccccold night threatens to ruin your fun.

Yeee haw!

xx CPfashionista


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