Gray Day

22 Apr

This day is gray in more than one way. No, that’s not a line from a Dr. Seuss book, it just happens to rhyme in such a ridiculous manner. In any event, today is gray. The sky is in fact cloudy and threatening rain, but more importantly I finally found the most perfect shade of gray nail polish. Essie’s Playa Del  Platinum polish from their 2010 Resort Collection.

I have been searching for over a month now and as it turns out my persistence paid off. Not that I am particularly picky when it comes to shades of gray, however the one I have been searching for needed to me more elephant than mouse and matte to the point of being dull. No glitter or weird metallic, just gray. Thank you Essie for making such a color.

While it appears my favorite little independently owned polish brand has finally been snapped up by a bigger corporation, I will continue to support Essie in their endeavour to capture the rainbow one creatively named color at a time.  According to WWD, L’Oreal acquired Essie Cosmetics for an undisclosed sum, i.e. A LOT of money. But with their plans for salon penetration and international expansion I would say they are painting in the right direction.

xx CPfashionista


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