Out on The Town

20 Apr

In Los Angeles we are pretty lucky to have fairly consistent weather year round. While winters are slightly colder and summers are  barely hot enough to complain it makes dressing seasonally appropriate somewhat of a task. As winter melts into spring deciding on something to wear for an evening out can be challenging since it’s no longer necessary to wear a full on coat but bare legs will leave you miserably cold all night.

Don’t worry I have some ideas!

First of all, never underestimate the warmth or a wrap and/or scarf (and by scarf I mean a light pashmina, not a heavy wool with matching hat kind of deal).

If you want to wear shorts, keep your toes covered in a pair of lace up espadrilles or closed-toe summery wedges.

If jeans seem too heavy but you haven’t shaved your legs in two weeks (or since last October), opt for a pair of lighter weight jeggings and some peep toe heels.

Colors are also in a transitional phase. It’s still socially acceptable to wear greys and blacks but you can start to incorporate lighter colors as well as neutrals such as nude or blush.

Mixing and matching seasons is encouraged: Pair your white shorts with a blazer from your winter wardrobe, break out that flirty spring dress but stay warm with a pair of colored tights. 

Date Night Outfit (above): I love a good pair of  jeggings (Paige denim is my absolute favorite go-to) with a flowy top, simple accessories, and the raffia pumps add an element of spring to this ensemble.

Spring is here (sort of)!

xx CPfashionista


One Response to “Out on The Town”

  1. aubrianna jennesse February 13, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    i love this outfit, its great and deff out on the town style (:

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