Out With The Old

7 Apr

You know the old adage, “out with the old, in with the new.” Except for me I have put myself on shopping time-out. Yes for me it ends with “out with the old.” This time of year makes us feel refreshed and brand new.

The inclining to purge our closets of chunky knits and heavy denim hits, otherwise known as spring cleaning, and there is no stopping the mission to narrow down the closet contents to things I actually wear more than once a year. Ok, I admit I hang on to things I only wear once a year but for the most part I was finally able to let go of articles I only thought I might wear no more than once a year.

Lucky for me not only is it that cleaning time of year, but I also had the help of a move into a new house therefore making the process of weeding and ditching much easier. While it is true I tend to hold on to things way longer than they are particularly trendy, I constantly find that the shirt  I loved when I was younger is now in style again! Who knew this fashion cycle could be so wonderfully beneficial to a well stocked closet.

In any event the thing I would most like to discuss/divulge/ shamefully admit is that I finally got rid of my **gasp, cover head in embarrassment** denim, and otherwise, mini skirt collection. Yes, all 42 of them ( ok I didn’t actually count because that would have been frightening) but all of those god awful Abercrombie jean skirts…you know what I’m talking about,  I finally donated every last one and boy do I feel lighter.

Happy Spring!

xx CPfashionista


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