From New York to LA

1 Apr

I had begun this post a while back and, like I commonly do, got distracted and eventually abandoned the idea. However, over the past couple of days I have stumbled across numerous postings, articles, pictures, and mentions of Bottega Louie in LA and so I ventured back in my drafts folder to dust it off and give it the respect it requires.

As I walked into ( quite a while ago now) Bottega Louie restaurant in downtown Los Angeles it occurred to me that I no longer felt like I was in LA let alone California, no instead I felt  as though I stepped off the freezing cold streets of New York into one of their trademark posh eateries. The first thing I noticed was the wide open feeling despite the place being packed, from the bar to the bakery to the restaurant it was nearly standing room only.  Despite the drafty cathedral ceilings, it felt cozy and inviting inside and I couldn’t help but marvel at the close proximity by which people were nonchalantly stuffed side by side seemingly without notice. Who knew such a restaurant existed any place other than the east coast?

Nestled in the heart of downtown LA, this little gem of an eaterie is rare both for its upscale demeanor and expansive floor plan. The menu at first glance seemed rather intimidating while the food was simply acceptable. The bakery is what really sold me, what with the mini macarons and the brightly colored gelato displayed tauntingly behind a pristine glass case.

If you ever find yourself in downtown LA (God help you) make it worth your while and check this place out.

XX CpFashionista


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