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Cold Day, Warm Your Heart

27 Apr

I’m not sure if it’s the seriousness with which this adorable little boy delivers his rendition of Soul Sister, or the innocent melody of the ukulele he plays. Either way, this warmed my heart and I hope it makes you smile too!

Happy Tuesday.

xx CpFashionista


Hillbilly Deluxe

23 Apr

With Stagecoach just around the corner, as in less than 24 hours away, I  have been brainstorming outfit ideas for the better part of this week. For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon, Stagecoach is a weekend music festival (similar to Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bamboozle…anything? Ring a bell?) comprised entirely of country music!

If this sounds frightening then it is probably not the place for you. Because yes, it is every bit as cowboy-tastic as it sounds. Think full on cowboy boots and hats, giant belt buckles and a lot of redneck inspired attire.

So while staying within the country theme, I would like to stay cool (it’s like 90 degrees in Palm Springs, eeee!) and classy. Cute with a touch of twang if you will. I went with an article of denim as it is pretty much mandatory, as well as some rendition of a cowboy hat, a pair of comfy/cool/keep-your-feet-safe (and clean) shoes, a lightweight tank, and something for when the ccccold night threatens to ruin your fun.

Yeee haw!

xx CPfashionista

Gray Day

22 Apr

This day is gray in more than one way. No, that’s not a line from a Dr. Seuss book, it just happens to rhyme in such a ridiculous manner. In any event, today is gray. The sky is in fact cloudy and threatening rain, but more importantly I finally found the most perfect shade of gray nail polish. Essie’s Playa Del  Platinum polish from their 2010 Resort Collection.

I have been searching for over a month now and as it turns out my persistence paid off. Not that I am particularly picky when it comes to shades of gray, however the one I have been searching for needed to me more elephant than mouse and matte to the point of being dull. No glitter or weird metallic, just gray. Thank you Essie for making such a color.

While it appears my favorite little independently owned polish brand has finally been snapped up by a bigger corporation, I will continue to support Essie in their endeavour to capture the rainbow one creatively named color at a time.  According to WWD, L’Oreal acquired Essie Cosmetics for an undisclosed sum, i.e. A LOT of money. But with their plans for salon penetration and international expansion I would say they are painting in the right direction.

xx CPfashionista

Apparel News Thinks So

21 Apr

According to Apparel News (and pretty much everyone in attendance of last week’s LA Majors Market) things are looking up for the fashion industry.

Oh thank goodness! I was beginning to think thrifting was the new Neiman’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good day of rummaging through vintage stores in search of the perfect find, but once in a while it’s nice to have someone else find your size and then carry that heavy box of shoes to the register for you.

So while buyers were more confident in their spending on increased inventory, companies, such as Celebrity Pink Jeans,  were just happy to be writing more substantial and long-term orders. You can check out highlights of Market and a snap shot of CPink as well at Apparel News: Improved Mood at L.A. Majors Market. Check out Celebrity Pink president, Doron Kadosh as he seriously considers something important (picture 3 of article).

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xo CPfashionista

Out on The Town

20 Apr

In Los Angeles we are pretty lucky to have fairly consistent weather year round. While winters are slightly colder and summers are  barely hot enough to complain it makes dressing seasonally appropriate somewhat of a task. As winter melts into spring deciding on something to wear for an evening out can be challenging since it’s no longer necessary to wear a full on coat but bare legs will leave you miserably cold all night.

Don’t worry I have some ideas!

First of all, never underestimate the warmth or a wrap and/or scarf (and by scarf I mean a light pashmina, not a heavy wool with matching hat kind of deal).

If you want to wear shorts, keep your toes covered in a pair of lace up espadrilles or closed-toe summery wedges.

If jeans seem too heavy but you haven’t shaved your legs in two weeks (or since last October), opt for a pair of lighter weight jeggings and some peep toe heels.

Colors are also in a transitional phase. It’s still socially acceptable to wear greys and blacks but you can start to incorporate lighter colors as well as neutrals such as nude or blush.

Mixing and matching seasons is encouraged: Pair your white shorts with a blazer from your winter wardrobe, break out that flirty spring dress but stay warm with a pair of colored tights. 

Date Night Outfit (above): I love a good pair of  jeggings (Paige denim is my absolute favorite go-to) with a flowy top, simple accessories, and the raffia pumps add an element of spring to this ensemble.

Spring is here (sort of)!

xx CPfashionista

Not All Clogs Are Bad

19 Apr

This weekend our kitchen sink was very clogged, this was bad. Water everywhere, new pipes were necessary, category 1 domestic disaster. However, the revival of the hippie-esque wooden clog , is very good. Perhaps not the safest of footwear selections, but what they lack in safety they make up for in casual boho chic style.

When I initially began the hunt for my favorite styles I thought I might not be able to find enough clogs for a viable presentation, however as images of wooden heels upon studded leather silhouettes began piling up on my desk top I quickly realized it would be the narrowing down that proved most difficult. So from 37 pairs to just 9, I give you… the (good kind) of clog. 

Beginning with the standard closed toe, open back, chunky heel clog…venturing into an open toe, narrower heel…and finally taking the creative plunge in a sandal rendition of the clog. For the most part the classic wooden heel, chunky silhouette, and metal studs are present making this a definite come back of a once retro style.

  1.  Jeffrey Campbell- Charlie black leather, $135
  2. Miu Miu- dove print satin clogs, $495
  3. ASOS- leather studded clogs, $145
  4. Steven by Steve Madden- Durann clogs,$149
  5. Stuart Weitzman- Sequoia clogs, $375
  6. Steve Madden- Daynty clogs, $110
  7. Stuart Weitzman- Apron sandal clogs, $375
  8. Carvela- Krista clogs, $115
  9. Miu Miu- studded platform clogs, $490

xx CPfashionista

Pick Pocket

16 Apr

One trend I never thought would see the light of day (let alone the lights of a runway) ever again was the cargo pocket pant circa 1990s. Don’t get me wrong, I owned my fair share of obnoxiously baggy Abercrombie cargos back in the day but that’s exactly where I thought they would stay, back in the day.

But apparently the pocketed look is back, and with a vengeance, only this time the silhouette is much more manageable and flattering to the body. With skinny and even jegging, check out TopShop’s take, styles adorned with big bulky pockets the look is more feminine-grunge than boyfriend’s closet.

  1. Alice and Olivia- distressed skinny cargo, $220
  2. Joseph- linen blend skinny cargo, $425
  3. J Brand- Houlihan skinny cargo, $390
  4. Bird by Juicy Couture- sequined pocket cargo, $330
  5. Balmain- skinny cropped cargo, $2,090
  6. Notify- Rossolis caro, $265

Go ahead, pick your favorite pocket.

xo CPfashionista

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