Annual Means Once a Year

30 Mar

As you may or may not already know I thoroughly enjoy holidays! I love the decorations and the food (mostly the sweets), the excitement and general happiness these special days create. Part of the reason they are so special is because each one only happens once a year for 24 hours. Which is also why it makes little sense why people find it necessary to celebrate their 2 1/2 week anniversary, etc. To each their own I suppose, it just seems that the specialness of the actual anniversary would lose some of its luster.

Yesterday was the actual one year anniversary since boyfriend and I started dating and we celebrated accordingly with roses and yummy cupcakes. It was, in a word, perfect. Each holiday gives you something to look forward to, as do once a year annual events. Here are some things I look forward to for the entire year until they come around again:

California State Fair – Growing up in the state capital did have its perks, not the least of which was having the state fair take place in my backyard (figuratively speaking).  The fair is a week-long event, and with good reason too. It could easily take several days to fully appreciate the plethora of midway rides, fried food, art contests and exhibits, baby animals being born, live concerts, among many other things (to do). As seemingly white trash as this may sound, I already can’t wait to get my fix of cotton candy and ferris wheels this summer.

Outdoor Ice Skating– While this also takes place for longer than once day the ice rink only comes to town once a year during Christmas time and is open until the sun comes out and decides to stay for the summer. Ice skating outdoors is just one of the ways us Los Angelenos can pretend we have cold winters.

Stage Coach Country Music Festival– Essentially a gathering of cowboys and redneck country music lovers from all over the United States, but this festival of country artists happens for one weekend every year and brings great joy to all who attend. It always happens to fall on or around my birthday, pretty sweet way to celebrate if you ask me.

….to name a few. It is safe to say there is perpetually something I am looking forward to whether it be a real holiday or a weekend away, thinking happy thoughts makes life worth what it is.

xx CpFashionista


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