The Luxury of Time

26 Mar

Time is a luxury that more often than not I do not have enough of. The days are simply not long enough to accommodate everything I would like to accomplish. So while I am usually very  “financially responsible” (how do you say that without sounding like a mom?), there are certain things that are well worth every penny of what they cost.

Exhibit A: Mobile car washes. Back when I had more time I used to love washing my car every Saturday morning. There are very few things more satisfying that starting with a filthy dirty car and watching it turn back into the sparkling clean car you remember buying. However, now that there is rarely an opportunity to actually do said act myself I have resorted to getting my car washed. But the most convenient and perhaps enjoyable thing about it is that I can do it while sitting at my desk. So thank you guys who come faithfully every Friday to my office and wash AND vacuum my car while I work, you make my life a lot easier.

Exhibit B: Carpet cleaners. When moving out of an apartment it is generally recommended to (somewhat) clean in a (futile) attempt to reclaim ones security deposit. So while they have machines you can rent from the grocery store to wash your carpets yourself I would highly recommend spending the money to have a professional come and clean them. This will save not only your carpets but also  frustration and more importantly a lot of time.

Exhibit C: Delivery food. Is it just me or does it always feel super awkward during the exchange of payment for food between you and the delivery guy? I don’t know why, there is just something strangely lazy about ordering food and then having it delivered….right to your door. Convenient, time-saving, and sometimes incredibly necessary, but still awkward. So thank you delivery man for bringing me food despite all of its uncomfortableness.

Happy Friday! Enjoy every minute or your weekend.

xx CPfashionista


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