Spring Forward

24 Mar

The only way I can ever remember when we lose an hour and when we gain an hour is by reciting “spring forward, fall back” in my head. Dorky, I know. In any event despite the sadness over losing a much-needed hour of sleep I am actually quite excited about gaining all this warm weather and daylight.

As if taking spring cleaning to the ultimate lengths we moved (yes, to a new house!) this past weekend and so had the chance to completely clean out, sort through, and throw away every possible drawer, box, and closet in our cute little cottage house. There is a literal lightness in my step as I pack up my collection of bulky winter boots and break out my flats and espadrilles.

 Here are some spring time things that are making me terribly happy right now:

1. More sunshine hours means longer days to play.

2. Pastel colored manis and pedis, namely Essie’s Main Squeeze and Mint Candy Apple.

3. The beginning of back porch BBQs, grilled veggies, and delightful salads (like this one). 

4. Evening walks (with Cupcake when she’s old enough, we can hardly wait!).

5. Fresh berries, fresh flowers, i.e.  Sunday trips to the farmer’s market.

6. Paisley floral print anything with destroyed denim. I love!

7. Driving with the windows down and the music way up.

8. The return of leaves to the trees, the emergence of colorful flowers and greenery.

9. Anticipation of trips to the beach and walking barefoot in the sand.

10. Um… sparkling strawberry lemonade from Trader Joe’s, I am obsessed!

Spring brings about so much hope and newfound happiness that some how starts to hide itself in the winter.

Above denim and floral, yes I went a little Topshop crazy:

 Happy Spring!



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