Pretty Pretty Princess

22 Mar

I have never particularly considered myself a girly girl. This is not to say I don’t appreciate a good manicure, or that I don’t love all things ruffled, tulle, and sparkly…because I do. It is just that I am not particularly high maintenance and I much prefer wearing leggings and a tee on the weekend than an actual outfit. Perhaps I am more comfort than glam oriented but I have not always been this way.

My favorite game from the age of  4 1/2 until we had lost all the pieces was Pretty Pretty Princess. A board game in which you got to spin the wheel and then select colored (plastic) jewelry in an attempt to collect the entire matching set before any other girl.  Think coordinating rhinestone bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and tiaras in Barbie pink and pale purple…needless to say we were thoroughly entertained. This was followed by hours of dress-up from a Titanic size steamer trunk of mom’s abandoned high heels and party dresses, lacy gloves and the always sought after bride’s veil. 

Fast forward 10 years to high school and the infamous prom. Days of preparation for a three-hour event, looking back I finally understand my mom’s anguish. Weeks of shopping for a dress code appropriate gown and the perfect accessories, then two hours worth of hair spray and bobby pins later and an hour at the MAC counter, pending any teenage meltdowns or last-minute drama it was time for the coveted posed pictures. Despite all this seeming torture, I would not trade those memories for the world.

Which is perhaps why when I came across the Princess Project  I nearly teared up. An organization that quite literally makes the prom experience possible for girls who otherwise would not attend. With the help of a personal shopper each girl has the opportunity to pick out a dress and accessories to make their own fairy tale night come true. I can’t think of a more rewarding way to give back to the community than by creating a life long memory.

What is your favorite prom memory?

xx CPfashionista


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