Leave Her Alone

8 Mar

In all honesty I used to despise Miley Cyrus and any subsequent Hannah Montana hype. Things have changed. She has grown into her fame and I actually admire the role model she has become for young girls (namely because I have a 13-year-old sister who worships her).

While carefully studying picture after tweeted picture of the 82nd annual Academy Awards coverage I couldn’t help but notice a lot of Miley hating going on. Now I am in no way a professional stylist or critic but I have to say I thought she looked beautiful. Aside from the overly critical peanut gallery I thought she put herself together very elegantly.

From her soft golden glow, so what if she has tan lines…she’s 17 give her a break , to her perfectly on trend color gown by Jenny Peckham, to her make-up and even her mature messy bun. Of course the sparkle of  her 200-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond cuff and 10-carat ruby ring added a little grown-up glam as well. 

Doesn’t she look happy? Now leave her alone!

xx CPfashionista

Photo credit: celebrity-gossip.net

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