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The Silver Lining

31 Mar

Perhaps we were getting a little too optimitsic about the arrival (finally!) of repetitive sunny days in LA. Either way Momma Nature decided to tease us with a “Just kidding! Now its going to rain again” rest of the week and it seems people have been left less than excited.

I happen to love the rain. Especially because I was not quite ready to say good-bye to my boots and long sleeves just yet. Don’t get me wrong I am eager to break out my breezy sundresses and fun colored flats but for the next three days I am anxious to get one last hurrah from my favorite rain boots and waterproof apparel.

I also happen to love umbrellas, something about their cute little arc shape and the clever way they *pop* open when you click that little button. I was reminded of the growing collection of umbrellas (Weird, I know. Don’t ask) on my lust/want/need list, when I happened upon this lovely little blog post this morning.

Enjoy the rain!

xx CpFashionista


Annual Means Once a Year

30 Mar

As you may or may not already know I thoroughly enjoy holidays! I love the decorations and the food (mostly the sweets), the excitement and general happiness these special days create. Part of the reason they are so special is because each one only happens once a year for 24 hours. Which is also why it makes little sense why people find it necessary to celebrate their 2 1/2 week anniversary, etc. To each their own I suppose, it just seems that the specialness of the actual anniversary would lose some of its luster.

Yesterday was the actual one year anniversary since boyfriend and I started dating and we celebrated accordingly with roses and yummy cupcakes. It was, in a word, perfect. Each holiday gives you something to look forward to, as do once a year annual events. Here are some things I look forward to for the entire year until they come around again:

California State Fair – Growing up in the state capital did have its perks, not the least of which was having the state fair take place in my backyard (figuratively speaking).  The fair is a week-long event, and with good reason too. It could easily take several days to fully appreciate the plethora of midway rides, fried food, art contests and exhibits, baby animals being born, live concerts, among many other things (to do). As seemingly white trash as this may sound, I already can’t wait to get my fix of cotton candy and ferris wheels this summer.

Outdoor Ice Skating– While this also takes place for longer than once day the ice rink only comes to town once a year during Christmas time and is open until the sun comes out and decides to stay for the summer. Ice skating outdoors is just one of the ways us Los Angelenos can pretend we have cold winters.

Stage Coach Country Music Festival– Essentially a gathering of cowboys and redneck country music lovers from all over the United States, but this festival of country artists happens for one weekend every year and brings great joy to all who attend. It always happens to fall on or around my birthday, pretty sweet way to celebrate if you ask me.

….to name a few. It is safe to say there is perpetually something I am looking forward to whether it be a real holiday or a weekend away, thinking happy thoughts makes life worth what it is.

xx CpFashionista

The Luxury of Time

26 Mar

Time is a luxury that more often than not I do not have enough of. The days are simply not long enough to accommodate everything I would like to accomplish. So while I am usually very  “financially responsible” (how do you say that without sounding like a mom?), there are certain things that are well worth every penny of what they cost.

Exhibit A: Mobile car washes. Back when I had more time I used to love washing my car every Saturday morning. There are very few things more satisfying that starting with a filthy dirty car and watching it turn back into the sparkling clean car you remember buying. However, now that there is rarely an opportunity to actually do said act myself I have resorted to getting my car washed. But the most convenient and perhaps enjoyable thing about it is that I can do it while sitting at my desk. So thank you guys who come faithfully every Friday to my office and wash AND vacuum my car while I work, you make my life a lot easier.

Exhibit B: Carpet cleaners. When moving out of an apartment it is generally recommended to (somewhat) clean in a (futile) attempt to reclaim ones security deposit. So while they have machines you can rent from the grocery store to wash your carpets yourself I would highly recommend spending the money to have a professional come and clean them. This will save not only your carpets but also  frustration and more importantly a lot of time.

Exhibit C: Delivery food. Is it just me or does it always feel super awkward during the exchange of payment for food between you and the delivery guy? I don’t know why, there is just something strangely lazy about ordering food and then having it delivered….right to your door. Convenient, time-saving, and sometimes incredibly necessary, but still awkward. So thank you delivery man for bringing me food despite all of its uncomfortableness.

Happy Friday! Enjoy every minute or your weekend.

xx CPfashionista

Neutral Party

25 Mar

While I have always found earth tones a bit boring when compared with the vibrant contrast of their color wheel counterparts I am slowly warming up to the idea of some rosy additions to my wardrobe. I will admit I favor black over most every other color garment and have a predominantly monochromatic closet to prove it. However,  you just can’t get away with such dark-colored ensembles when the weather is above 80. 

I have taken notice of the neutral tones bombarding the runway and red-carpet alike and I have to admit that this blushing nude trend is getting the best of me. I am already dreaming up how nicely a peach tulle skirt would pair with a plain white tee and floral headband. Not that I’ve scoped out a spring shopping list or anything.Ok, I have….here are my top picks:

  1. 3.1 Phillip Lim-light weight cardigan, $225
  2. 7 For All Mankind-cascade tank, $98
  3. Forever 21-mesh flower headband, $5
  4. Yves Saint Laurent-oversized sunglasses, $230
  5. Gucci by Gucci-eau de toilette, $92
  6. Topshop-studded crop sweater, $80
  7. Topshop-stud t bar flat, $55
  8. Prada-flower ballet flat, $525
  9. Maxmara-draped dress, $595
  10. See by Chloe-cotton/twill biker jacket, $650
  11. Forever 21-clementine wireless bra, $7

Skin is in this season!

xx CpFashionista

Spring Forward

24 Mar

The only way I can ever remember when we lose an hour and when we gain an hour is by reciting “spring forward, fall back” in my head. Dorky, I know. In any event despite the sadness over losing a much-needed hour of sleep I am actually quite excited about gaining all this warm weather and daylight.

As if taking spring cleaning to the ultimate lengths we moved (yes, to a new house!) this past weekend and so had the chance to completely clean out, sort through, and throw away every possible drawer, box, and closet in our cute little cottage house. There is a literal lightness in my step as I pack up my collection of bulky winter boots and break out my flats and espadrilles.

 Here are some spring time things that are making me terribly happy right now:

1. More sunshine hours means longer days to play.

2. Pastel colored manis and pedis, namely Essie’s Main Squeeze and Mint Candy Apple.

3. The beginning of back porch BBQs, grilled veggies, and delightful salads (like this one). 

4. Evening walks (with Cupcake when she’s old enough, we can hardly wait!).

5. Fresh berries, fresh flowers, i.e.  Sunday trips to the farmer’s market.

6. Paisley floral print anything with destroyed denim. I love!

7. Driving with the windows down and the music way up.

8. The return of leaves to the trees, the emergence of colorful flowers and greenery.

9. Anticipation of trips to the beach and walking barefoot in the sand.

10. Um… sparkling strawberry lemonade from Trader Joe’s, I am obsessed!

Spring brings about so much hope and newfound happiness that some how starts to hide itself in the winter.

Above denim and floral, yes I went a little Topshop crazy:

 Happy Spring!


Pretty Pretty Princess

22 Mar

I have never particularly considered myself a girly girl. This is not to say I don’t appreciate a good manicure, or that I don’t love all things ruffled, tulle, and sparkly…because I do. It is just that I am not particularly high maintenance and I much prefer wearing leggings and a tee on the weekend than an actual outfit. Perhaps I am more comfort than glam oriented but I have not always been this way.

My favorite game from the age of  4 1/2 until we had lost all the pieces was Pretty Pretty Princess. A board game in which you got to spin the wheel and then select colored (plastic) jewelry in an attempt to collect the entire matching set before any other girl.  Think coordinating rhinestone bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and tiaras in Barbie pink and pale purple…needless to say we were thoroughly entertained. This was followed by hours of dress-up from a Titanic size steamer trunk of mom’s abandoned high heels and party dresses, lacy gloves and the always sought after bride’s veil. 

Fast forward 10 years to high school and the infamous prom. Days of preparation for a three-hour event, looking back I finally understand my mom’s anguish. Weeks of shopping for a dress code appropriate gown and the perfect accessories, then two hours worth of hair spray and bobby pins later and an hour at the MAC counter, pending any teenage meltdowns or last-minute drama it was time for the coveted posed pictures. Despite all this seeming torture, I would not trade those memories for the world.

Which is perhaps why when I came across the Princess Project  I nearly teared up. An organization that quite literally makes the prom experience possible for girls who otherwise would not attend. With the help of a personal shopper each girl has the opportunity to pick out a dress and accessories to make their own fairy tale night come true. I can’t think of a more rewarding way to give back to the community than by creating a life long memory.

What is your favorite prom memory?

xx CPfashionista

Green With Envy

17 Mar

Cliche in wording I realize but today is the officially celebrated green holiday and since olive is one of the hottest colors (for fall) it is also a fitting declaration.

I do not much care for this holiday, it seems to be an excuse for people to be obnoxious for no reason. So I am in no way regretting that I didn’t swoop up these St. Patty’s themed finds including this adorable Juicy clover make-up bag, or this 18 carat gold necklace from Jennifer Meyer. I am however slightly envious that I am not outside on this beautiful 80 degree day enjoying the fresh air and lounging in the grass.

At least tonight will entail green frosted cupcakes and something Irish.

Best of luck to you!

XoXo cpFashionista

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