Doggone Cute

18 Feb

Ok, I know! I am slightly puppy obsessed/crazy right now and I do not see any sign of it subsiding so you will just have to bear with me, and perhaps even be inspired to get a lil one of your own.

In fact I have been so incessantly shopping for puppy paraphernalia that my iPhone dies approximately twice as fast as it usually does, this is serious! I am still undecided how I feel about pet clothing so I only half heartedly look for dog hoodies (what is the world coming to?!), miniature bows and matching collars however, now that is right up my alley.

Cupcake dog bed (I know), $70

Italian leather puppy purse, $495

Strawberry print puppy tote, $18

Jimmy Chew dog toy, $11

Ralph Lauren hoodie, $60

Juicy Couture terry pullovers, $45

Sunglasses dog bowl, $43

Cuddles dog bowls, $12

Sweet Kiss bowls, $87

Houndstooth collar, $14

Puppy necklace, $28

Juicy Couture flower collar, $55

Way too doggone cute! Going home to play with my puppy…

xoxo CPfashionista


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