Blue Day

5 Feb

I realize Friday usually calls for blue jean Friday, but seeing as it is raining today and also that it is perhaps the worst day of my entire life (not joking) I will call today blue day, or better yet just blue. I am blue. The sky is (not) blue, it is actually quite gray and gloomy which ordinarily I enjoy but not today. 

It is my fault I am sad but it still doesn’t make it go away. I do not want to do anything. Apologies for the lack of stimulating text, but for today here are some things that usually work to cheer me up…just not today!

{Red velvet cupcakes. Well, any cupcake really.}{Holding, watching, loving sleeping babies.}{Brightly colored markers, Sharpies in specific.}{A peaceful sky, & anything purple…the two together=magic.}{Walking in the rain with my favorite Coach rainboots.}{Bouquets of Gerber daisies.}

Happy Friday!


One Response to “Blue Day”


  1. The Silver Lining « - March 31, 2010

    […] and fun colored flats but for the next three days I am anxious to get one last hurrah from my favorite rain boots and waterproof […]

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