26 Jan

I would say an overall theme of the last decade was a broadened awareness of our environment and the detriment we are doing with our superfluous lifestyles. This consciousness is vital to the continued existence of our world as we know it. Which is why it is always refreshing to find our favorite places, brands, people, etc are doing their part to live eco-friendly.

A growing trend in the travel arena is eco-friendly hotels, so when I booked our recent trip to Cabo San Lucas I was more than elated to learn that our resort of choice was doing their part to help the environment too. The Esperanza Resort prides themselves in practicing an earth-friendly policy of responsible luxury.

So while the catered amenities were beyond luxurious (think fresh fruit brought poolside, welcome margaritas, and a private concierge) the entire resort was designed in such a way that the elegance does not forfeit the careful energy and water usage. They not only practice green living but also support the community by using local products, services, and even companies.

I like to think I was being eco-minded just by staying there!

XoXo (a very sunburned) CPfashionista


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