Pajama Day

22 Jan

You remember your favorite dress-up day in elementary school right? The day when you got to roll out of bed and wear your pajamas to school. Pajama day was quite possibly the best day ever!

Well wearing leggings, jeggings, or anything equally as stretchy is one step away from taking us back to that day when we were still comfy and cozy even though we were no longer in bed. **I know I’ve been on a jegging kick this week, but can you blame me? They’re taking over the world, or at least the fashion industry!**

So being that it is Friday and I didn’t much feel like coming in to the office, let alone getting dressed this morning, I opted for a solid pair of rain boots (because Los Angeles is currently experiencing more rain that it ever has ever in the history of LA!) and my Gwenevere leggings by 7 For All Mankind. Let me tell you, as guilty as it may make me I must admit I feel like I’m wearing pj pants and have not wanted to leave my very comfortable chair all day. I have long loved Seven’s for their made-for-me fit and super flattering styles, but these take the cake (kind of makes me want a piece right now) for being the most comfortable pair ever!

No matter that it’s supposed to be blue jean Friday, I digress today is officially pajama jegging day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx CPfashionista


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