14 Jan

“Happiness is not always the best way to be happy.” –Judith

Even though it has been several months since I first went to see Where The Wild Things Are on the big screen, my love  for those irresistably adorable monsters has only continued to grow. This obsession began with the donning of my official WTWTA Urban Outfitters tee and occasional (ok, excessively repetitive) usage of the movies memorable one liners, i.e. “Be STILL!”  Then I downloaded the soundtrack by Karen O and The Kids and have not changed my iPod playlist since.

This fixation has only gotten worse. Even now as I revisit my favorite Where The Wild Things Are tribute sites I can’t help but smile a deeply satisfied juvenile grin. I browse Etsy for handmade movie accredited art and the web for any fashion pieces inspired  by this children’s fictional masterpiece. Oh yes, I said fashion! Think furry vests and cozy hats, claw jewelry and saying tee shirts. I love it want it all!

This site has to be my proudest find so far…Where The Wild Things Are at Opening Ceremony! Opening Ceremony is essentially a Los Angeles freeway inspired shop-in-shop boutique featuring a range of unique brands as well as their own private label. Here are some of my lust list desires:

Opening Ceremony Judith vest, $415

Opening Ceremony Ira skirt, $290

Pamela Love Max charm bracelet, $290

Pamela Love Ira claw bracelet, $345

“There’s one in all of us,” let your inner monster out to play!

xoxo cpFashionista


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