What’s In A Name

11 Jan

According to numerous research reports and statistical findings a company’s success correlates largely in part with its brand name recognition (duh!). Obviously it takes a substantial amount of time to build a name up to national recognition however, once you have reached this place the power of that name is simply unfathomable. 

I remember being in that awkward “I will only wear Abercrombie & Fitch”  seventh grade (fashion disaster) stage of my life and upon hearing that my Grandfather owned a tent and fishing pole bearing the A & F brand label instantly decided that camping was cool and that we should go, right away…today…now, come on this is awesome!  Apparently this Abercrombie teenage brand obsession was originally an outdoor store, who knew?

But this is why, smart marketing gurus that we are,  (and by we, I mean the industry as a whole, as in we the people) have developed a little partnership ploy called licensing and the result is quite favorable to the consumer. At a time when the economy is anything but strong people have had to cut back on superfluous spending thus severely damaging not only the fashion industry but also our closets. However, with such brilliance as Jimmy Choo for H & M and Rodarte for Target, these aspirational luxury brands are suddenly attainable for nearly anyone who desires them.

Jon E. Lewis, president of D2 company that licenses Tommy Hilfiger, has said that “Depending on the strength of the parent brand…consumers turn toward names they can trust when they are conservative with spending,” thank you WWD. This rings so true, and trust me I am not complaining at all.

I have this sort of  ridiculous affair with Target and with the addition of Rodarte’s wonderfully whimsical pieces to the Target shelves, I simply cannot spend any time less than an hour perusing their plethora of tulle and lace.  This is perhaps why buying the necessities has become something of an expensive task, I think $2.00 of toothpaste constitutes three $40.00 dresses, don’t you?

Rodarte for Target Crepe Slip Lace Dress, ONLY $39.99

Rodarte for Target Mesh Lace Bow (aka: awesome!), ONLY $24.99

Rodarte for Target Tulle & Lace Skirt, ONLY $29.99

Suddenly buying shampoo seems a little more enticing doesn’t it?

XoXo CPFashionista


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