Child’s Play

6 Jan

Ever since I can remember I had always loved coloring books. Even as I “out grew” these toddler deemed entities I continued to enjoy coloring between the lines. I mean they tell you color outside the lines, think outside the box, but my OCD tendencies told me otherwise…upon penalty of wasting a perfectly outlined Princess Ariel you will color inside the marked boundaries of said published book’s pages!  

Which was perhaps why I was more than elated to stumble across the one (and only that I know of) Color Your Own Dress. Complete with its own special set of markers this concept is not only one-of-a-kind but genius. Originating from a factory in the Netherlands, of course it would be some super random place, you can actually purchase the dress online for a mere $341.00.

That’s one expensive coloring book, but still, totally worth it!

xo CpFashionista


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