All The Days of The Week

4 Jan

I feel that while I love to write about pretty much anything, at times organization and more streamline thoughts are highly effective. Since 2010 is here and just begging for new resolutions I decided to make a valiant attempt at making (and maintaining) a New Year goal. Each week will, from now on, be much more predictable to navigate. A week in my world:

Mondays: News Worthy or In The Know or New To You Will act as a just-so-you-know segment that will be about something fashionably in the news…i.e. I will attempt to leave you feeling smarter and more informed with a little tid bit of fashion in the news.

Tuesdays: Trendy Tuesday will detail a current or upcoming trend of particular importance (or just because I like it), with where to buy info and sale shopping links…because you don’t have enough annoying emails from Gilt Groupe, Sale Mail, and Who What Wear already!

Wednesdays: While I was tempted to go with Wacky Wednesday I decided against it despite my alter judgement. Instead I bring to you Exclusively CP. A peek at new styles, trends, product development, contests, give-aways, website happenings, fashion shows, events, celebrities, and anything else happening under (or somewhere near) the Celebrity Pink roof.

Thursdays: Oh, Happy Day is my favorite segment thus far. In part because I do so love a good Thursday, and part because I am generally happy. Thursday is like Friday’s little pre anticipation celebration…almost the Friday Funday, almost the weekend. Thursday is in need a happy day, hence forth…it’s title.

Fridays: Blue Jean Friday. Enough said. I mean, Friday generally constitutes a little more laid back attire but seeing as Celebrity Pink is a denim company, we pretty much wear it everyday. So on this particular day I’ll explore a new pair of (my) jeans, a new brand, a new CP pair…something denim is my promise to you.

This is both in large part to a). save my sanity and b.) to enhance your reading pleasures ten fold. Not to mention give you a little something to look forward to, hey maybe you can even pick your “favorite day.” Just kidding…sort of.

And those my friends are all the days of the CP week, fashionista style. Please feel free to leave suggestions and/ or things you would like to see more of, etc.

Let’s go 2010! Bring it on…I’m officially ready!

 XoXo cpFashionista

Photo by Little Something

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