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29 Jan

Apparently me and my one-track mind are still in an all out Valentine’s Day mood with nothing more than lovey thoughts on the brain. So here’s another sweetly detailed item to get you in the Vday mood. 

While shooting the Celebrity Pink Fall 2010 preview lookbook last week I absolutely fell in love with these heart pocket jeans by Celebrity Pink. They fit like a glove and hug the body in all the right places. The ultra stretchy fabric work with the heart pockets to accent both the back and front and add flattering lines to contour to your rear. These jeans come in two washes, appropriately named, heart breaker medium and heart breaker charcoal.

While they’re not yet in stores, I’m already thinking of a way to get my hands on a couple pairs to give away to a few lucky readers, be sure to check back in a couple weeks!

Have a great weekend!

XoXo cpFashionista


Heart of Gold

28 Jan

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I thought it would be appropriate to put together some of the cutest little pink and red lust worthy finds. Not that I’m particularly girly (ok, actually yes I am), but anything with a heart just seems to, well…melt my heart.

Love is pretty easy to accessorize because it goes with everything. But for those of you looking for a little extra heart, here are some accessories that are sure to make you swoon.

1. Fendi bracelet, $395

2. Coach glam tote, $298

3. Tory Burch sandals, $195

4. Gucci coin purse, $162

5. Converse Allstars, $51

6. Philosophy Falling In Love, $25

7. Betsey Johnson watch, $175

8. OPI Hearts & Tarts, $9

9. Forever 21 soy candle, $8

10. Cupcake pottery box, $26

11. Urban Outfitters sunnies, $10

It’s the season for loving so have a heart!

xoxo CPfashionista

CP Giveaway

27 Jan

It goes without saying that I love surprises! In this respect I adore finding mail addressed to me in my mailbox. Letters, packages, magazines it doesn’t really matter I love it all!

Today I sent out these rocker cute Celebrity Pink studded super skinny jeans to some very lucky Justine Magazine readers who entered to win a pair back in December. Imagine their surprise when Mr.(or Mrs.)  Mailman(woman) brings them not just any package but a specially marked pink and black Celebrity Pink gift box filled with all kinds of goodies! Want to win a pair too?  Just enter a comment and your email below before Friday, February 5th (11:59 pm pst) and you’ll be entered to win your very own rocking pair of CP skinnies!

Good luck!

XoXo cpFashionista


26 Jan

I would say an overall theme of the last decade was a broadened awareness of our environment and the detriment we are doing with our superfluous lifestyles. This consciousness is vital to the continued existence of our world as we know it. Which is why it is always refreshing to find our favorite places, brands, people, etc are doing their part to live eco-friendly.

A growing trend in the travel arena is eco-friendly hotels, so when I booked our recent trip to Cabo San Lucas I was more than elated to learn that our resort of choice was doing their part to help the environment too. The Esperanza Resort prides themselves in practicing an earth-friendly policy of responsible luxury.

So while the catered amenities were beyond luxurious (think fresh fruit brought poolside, welcome margaritas, and a private concierge) the entire resort was designed in such a way that the elegance does not forfeit the careful energy and water usage. They not only practice green living but also support the community by using local products, services, and even companies.

I like to think I was being eco-minded just by staying there!

XoXo (a very sunburned) CPfashionista

A Ray of Sunshine

25 Jan

Urban Outfitter’s fedora, $29.oo

Old Navy ruffle dress, $29.50

Steve Madden gladiator, $71.00

Wood & gold bangles, $23.00

Gap gold stitched denim jacket, $29.50

Forum scarf, $270.00

Forever 21 angora stripe sweater, $23.00

Vix bikini top, $74.00

3.1 Phillip Lim sailor shorts, $145.00

Basket weave bracelet, $60.00

Tory Burch ‘Amanda’ satchel, $535.00

Steve Madden cut out wedges, $90.00

After a week of (wonderfully) rainy Los Angeles weather I find it particularly fitting that I am off to Cabo San Lucas for a little much-needed sun and r&r.  In an effort to minimize the amount of luggage in tow I began the daunting, and much dreaded, task of packing sometime last week.  The outdoor weather at a chilly 50 degrees proved somewhat hard to ignore as I attempted to match bikinis and flip-flops.

Here are some tips I always keep in mind when I am (trying) to pack light:

Pick a color scheme and then an accessory theme to match. For instance, the first thing I knew for sure I wanted to bring was a pair of my gold gladiator sandals which determined that my accessories would follow in the gold and brown direction.

Depending on the length of the stay, minimize bulk by bring two maybe three pairs of shoes. A pair of sandals and cute pair of espadrilles or summery wedges.

Think in layers and try not to bring anything you won’t use/ wear more than once. Starting with the first layer (a bathing suit) and build on top of that-> a sundress-> cardigan-> light weight (denim?) jacket. You already have 4 pieces in one outfit to work with through out your vaca.

These are some of my favorite beach worthy favorites. What are your travel essentials?

xoxo CPfashionista

Pajama Day

22 Jan

You remember your favorite dress-up day in elementary school right? The day when you got to roll out of bed and wear your pajamas to school. Pajama day was quite possibly the best day ever!

Well wearing leggings, jeggings, or anything equally as stretchy is one step away from taking us back to that day when we were still comfy and cozy even though we were no longer in bed. **I know I’ve been on a jegging kick this week, but can you blame me? They’re taking over the world, or at least the fashion industry!**

So being that it is Friday and I didn’t much feel like coming in to the office, let alone getting dressed this morning, I opted for a solid pair of rain boots (because Los Angeles is currently experiencing more rain that it ever has ever in the history of LA!) and my Gwenevere leggings by 7 For All Mankind. Let me tell you, as guilty as it may make me I must admit I feel like I’m wearing pj pants and have not wanted to leave my very comfortable chair all day. I have long loved Seven’s for their made-for-me fit and super flattering styles, but these take the cake (kind of makes me want a piece right now) for being the most comfortable pair ever!

No matter that it’s supposed to be blue jean Friday, I digress today is officially pajama jegging day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx CPfashionista

Strawberry Short(cake)

20 Jan

These irresistably adorable Celebrity Pink shorts look almost good enough to eat! I am loving all the delicate paisley, floral, and even berry accent prints for spring. From all over dainty printed blazers to strawberry patches and dazzling hardware the emerging fashion pieces are both equal parts feminine and vintage.

The faded washes when paired with dainty accents such as brushed silver buttons and floral lined pockets give us the feeling of very homemade, DIY pieces. These Strawberry Shorts in particular, stole my heart and my absolute adoration. I’m not sure I can even wait till warmer weather to sport them! Looks like another shorts worn with tights situation, perhaps a cherry (or should i say strawberry) red pair would be appropriate.

Berry cute indeed!

xx CPfashionista

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