Lots to Love in Spring 2010

21 Dec

Ken Downing, Senior Vice President and fashion director for Neiman Marcus gave NY Mag.com an exclusive interview detailing the absolute must haves for this coming Spring. So why not share the knowledge…in no particular order, here are the 5 trends to start stocking your closets with. He also mentioned something about bike shorts coming back into being, but I chose to ignore this little comment in hopes that it won’t actually surface…we shall see.

1. Denim. Denim. Denim. Hey, he said it not me! But this does work in my favor seeing as I absolutely cannot get enough denim. Denim everything and anything will be in. From rocker vests, to chambray shirts, denim leggings,and jeans galore, anything goes.

2. Tribal motif. Think patterns and lines in bold earthy tones. A carry over of the spice colors that are so popular this fall, this time in more prints instead of solids.

3. Shorts. Downing suggests you get a solid pair of shorts. Since the way shorts are worn has been ever-changing and you can wear them in pretty much any climate on any given day there is really no excuse to not own a pair. Long, short, patterned, pleated, hemmed, destroyed, tailored, denim, tweed, poplin…it’s all good!

4. Nude shoes. Not too sure about this one but if Ken Downing says it’s a go, then it must be ok. Think flats, pumps, ankle boots, something in nude, that says “I’m barefoot!”…but not really.

5. A dress with drape. So no, tighter and shorter is not always better. Actually, it is probably never better. In any event, a good dress that moves, wraps, and flows is a necessity for Spring.

Just about time to hit up after Christmas sales, now you’ll know what to look for!



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