Miley Cyrus, I Applaud You!

14 Dec

I am in no way confessing to voluntarily stepping foot in a Wal-Mart, but there I was on a rainy Friday perusing the eleventh aisle of Christmas bows and I momentarily wondered what had swayed me to come here of all places. No matter, here I was up to my elbows in Christmas, my cart stacked so high maneuvering was proving difficult and I still couldn’t find the darn holiday candy!

But as I made my way from the garden center to the other side of the store a near 4 miles away I stopped, literally stopped, in awe at the…ready…juniors clothing department. As I inched closer, abandoning my cart in all the excitement, to get a peek at these “cute” clothes peering innocently off the racks I realized the label read Miley Cyrus & Max Azria. This was in fact, the highly anticipated line released a few months back in blazing August. I had written it off as another Celebrity cop-out. This line however, was nothing short of brilliant.

Yes, I said it. A teen star made a line for Wal-Mart, of all places, and it rocks! The styles, the colors, the prints, everything about it was genius. Right on trend and ready to wear. While I was not prepared for this momentous occasion, what surprised me even more were the price points. Tanks and tee for five dollars (only $5!!!), can you even manufacture something that cheap? I was pleasantly shocked to say the least. And if you promise not to tell, I will confess I picked up several tees for myself…I mean come on, they were practically free!

So go check out Miley’s line and tell me you don’t want at least one thing!

Xo CpFashionista


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